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    From behind my eyelids,
    I view.
    I view all thoughts.
    I view your vibrations.
    My mind then walks off
    To be lost or to disappear,
    But confined to a cell,
    A living cell,
    Great and boundless but when trapped in,
    The insides will become outside.
    My inners will be spilt on your lap.
    Good or bad,
    I do not care.
    I will first love you.
    Love you.
    Accept you.
    Want you.
    You. All of you.
    But you will turn with rejection,
    The unwant of a searched mind vomiting on you,
    Sending injections into your body.
    You realize my thought,
    See the black and colors.
    But if you could just close your eyes,
    Shut them tight.
    Whether chained or not,
    You must roam free.
    Free, no cost.
    Look into your mind and realize.
    Please just listen.
    My thoughts will do,
    And yours will too.
    They will unite,
    Believe or not,
    Just accept.
    And just view me.
    Please close your eyes and view me
    My wandering mind, my confusion.
    And realize with me,
    After they will understand.
    Feel me with the mind,
    With your hands,
    We will feel each other.

    Now just close your eyes
    And enter the lost imagination that does not make sense
    But it does
    Just accept it,
    It does.