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  1. Many fine girls have came accross my eyes and ran around my mind. To say the least its super mind-boggling. In my experinces evreyone has a special shine;once the shine has cault your eye your sucked in until it turns to dust. But what's the most mind boggling is your shine isn't dimond rings. It isn't a heavy attitude. You look amazingly beutiful just when your absolutly natrally casual. Your. Attitude isn't mean and kind at the same time-the usual attracter. But the personality of many questions. The challenge of calmness. The obssion of a sport. Some may think its annoying. However, it gets me intruiged. Your one who's kind and there no matter what. And it drives me crazy because your totally diffrent from evreybody else and from what I'm used to. Your special shine is your simpleness. Your shine is your individuality. Your shine is well, YOU. As simple as that sounds, its really not all that "simple". Because that simpleness is evreything. YOU are evreything.