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  1. Hello, my name is David and I'm completely new to this. I'm not too sure what a blog entails in the long term but for now, let me just tell anyone who reads this a little bit about myself.
    I'm currently working through the summer at a local park as a gardener. The work is easy and apart from having to walk miles and miles through out the day I get to enjoy this beautiful sunshine we've had over the midlands during the past two or more months.
    I work with two other blokes who are both a lot older than me, in there late 40's I'd say. But they are easier enough to get along with, there isn't the same kind or amount of banter that goes on here unlike at the fencing job I did for a few weeks until the company got closed down by the council.
    I discovered ten days ago on a Monday that I was depressed and didn't go into work that week until Thursday. After visiting the doctor that Monday he asked me some questions and determined I've most likely been suffering from it for years in silence. I felt a lot better by Thursday when I went back to work though, so I'm thinking it was the Citolopran he'd prescribed me. I told the doctor about my weed smoking and he didn't really have a comment although he did not say to stop and I haven't, I've just been smoking slightly less and I've been fine.
    Well this has been a short entry but I'll post again soon, I want to check out some others blogs on this site, hopefully the community is quite active! :)