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  1. Well it seems my original intention with this blog never came to fruition. I stopped the project I was working on as well but I'm still battling with writing a fantasy piece. I'm taking it slow and not showing anything for quite a while with it, if I do.

    Anyways, I hope what I share below proves helpful for people:

    Recently, I went through a slump with my writing. It was somewhere between not getting the characters right to hook people and in the last piece after that not giving a clear sense of point of view because I'd chosen a different style. So really, I was a bit down on my luck with things. It led to me not writing for quite a while, procrastinating. (I think that's the correct term. ;) )

    In any case, one day I sat down to write and I gave myself a goal. Drop some characters into a emotionally charged scene and try to present the emotions effectively. If I couldn't get the characters across that well, at least I could try and make the reader feel for a certain situation. It was also basically a case of, just write and it doesn't matter what comes out even if it's crap.

    So I picked a hospital as the setting, with a girl sleeping with her father and mother by her side who weren't on good terms with each other. I handled it successfully even though getting the readers more involved with the characters was still something I needed to work on. You know, say more details about them and such? I still need to work on that aspect with my writing as well and within the piece.

    It is now the piece I'm finishing, editing and prepping to send off due to positive comments also. It really gave me the boost I needed.

    Right, so the advice I'm trying to get across after my ramble?

    If you're stuck and not happy with writing at some point, which I'm sure we've all been through. You could perhaps not worry too much about plot and just write one scene with a goal such as:

    Get the emotions of love and fearing loss, across. Don't worry too much about the plot and the actual story, but just try to portray the feelings as best you can. If anything, it should at least prove to be quite a good writing exercise to hone your skills. Portraying emotions well is in my view, one of the key aspects of writing so you could do far worse. Besides, even if the characters aren't fully developed either, they should still be hated or emphasised with if you've done your task correctly. So on some levels, you should find some confidence and hopefully have something worth continuing with.

    Of course, it could be different emotions than what I've mentioned, but that's what I chose for myself at least.

    Hope this proves helpful at any rate for anyone whose going through a slump and looking for a way out of it.
  2. Err right, hey everyone. My names David and I'm from Manchester, UK. I'm 21 and a bit boring I guess! ;)

    Anyways. Just testing the blog features as I've just found out about it. First blog for me as well. :)

    I'm currently writing a fantasy book and it's looking like I'll progress with it. I have a tonne of stuff I've stopped working on since starting writing seriously several months ago, normally before the first chapter or two is complete. My record is 6000 and odd words for 2 chapters. I'm currently on chapter 3 of this one I'm writing with around 3500 words. But I need to rewrite chapter 2 entirely and chapter 3 is being wrote.

    I also have a crime story and a fantasy one based in an american civil war type era on hold.

    I'll probably just update this blog to say how I'm coming along with the writing.