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  1. First off, let me say, happy Valentine's day one and all and I hope you guys got lots of candy (and some loving). And to those who are single and looking for love, maybe next year. I, myself am looking for someone.

    Anyway, I know I haven't written any more stories for a long time. For one thing, I am busy with school and I don't have a whole lot of time to do stuff (although, I have gotten a few ideas of which I think are pretty good.) But this weekend is a long one for me, and what a better way to spend it than creating a short story (ok, there are probably quite a few other better things to be doing, but this is still fun and I'm going to be lonely this weekend.) So that is what I am going to do.

    My new short story is a sort of short prequal to my novel I am doing, "The Animal Warrior and the Quest for the Sword" (again, it's a working title but I'm thinking about keeping it. If you have any better ideas for a title, post a comment with the title on it and I'll consider it)

    So you all know what I'm talking about, it is about this country young country girl that is about 12 or 13 who goes to a mountain that, indian legend says, holds many secrets. When she gets to the top (which is a great crater), she becomes part of a great ceremony of wolves and gains the powers of talking to animals, shifting to other animals, and even possibly another power that people rarely ever have. She has been given these powers by the ultimate leader of the wolves and the spirits of other ones that had powes like her in the past (more on those spirits later). This has been done every generation or so and they call the people who are chose The Animal Warrior. If this doesn't change her life, the bombing of her iaunt and uncle's ranch and her aunt and uncle with hundreds of people still inside will. Now she must kill a person of great immortality who killed her family. But before that, she must find a great sword, a symbol of her and other Animal Warriors before her.

    So, back to the spirits of the people with the powers in the past. There is a lardge secret group of people called the Ostendo, who also have powers. Some people's powers are a little like hers, but none are as unique They are all in seperate groups but they gather once a month to talk and the follow the guideline of the Ostendo Souls, these are people who have powers and were with the Ostendo. They give the other Ostendo guidance of what to do. My short story will be about the Ostendo Souls and how they and the Ostendo came to be.

    I am also going to say this in my short story but please note that the Ostendo Souls are NOT real deities. Nor are they deities of any kind. They are people who give guidance to other people like them, like I said above. They can give people godlike powers and they can give prophecies that tell of the future. But they are not gods themselves. Merely souls that help other people. Many of the Ostendo will believe in one religion and have the Ostendo souls as a bonus part of their religion. In fact, in my short story, there will be many parts where you will see deities of most of the religions come together. Please do not sew me or anything for putting this or my next short story up, I am just trying to find a way to put all the religions together. I am not going to try to convert anyone either. All I am doing is trying to tell my story that I have been thinking about for years, and this is how I am going to tell it. Thank you and again, happy Valentine's Day to you all.
  2. Have you ever did, read, watched (etc.) something that when you finished you became obsessed over that one thing. I have, hundreds of thousands of times. A recent obsession of mine was over the summer, I became obssesed of a show I loved when I was little called "The Magic School Bus" Over the summer I watched a bunch of random episodes then stopped for a while. Then in the winter I found that all the episodes were placed on youtube, so I watched them all and became very obsessed with them. It took me a long time to get out of the obsession.

    Often, the obsessions show in my imagination, more specifically, the stories I come up with in my head. The book I am working on now called "The Animal Warrior and the Quest for the Sword" (It's a working title) is based on an obsession I have and still have for superheroes. Which, by the way, started when I was earlier in my life when I saw Disney's "The Incredibles" (2005 I think) Later I got obsessed with batman. And, mind you, it was the old tv show with Adam West and Burt Ward. So in my story, the main character got to know the dinamic duo. Unfortunately for book purposes I have to change a bunch of stuff that has been going on in my head for years like that.

    Two other obsessions I had was and obsession over Harry Potter and Peter Pan. With Harry Potter, my imagination took me to a version of the story where I was his twin sister seperated at birth. And with Peter Pan, I have always imagined that I was his daughter (yes, I know, kinda naughty if you really think about it in depth)

    Now, I have two other obsessions. I am still obsessed with the super hero thing but my mind is veering off to certain other stories. I am back to the "I am Peter Pan's Daughter" story/obsession. But I am also obsessed with a show called whose line is it anyway. For those who don't know, Whose Line is an improv comedy show that was/is (not sure which) on tv. I like it because I laugh my ass off when watching clips most of the time. Now, I keep having one of the guys who does it play roles in my stories. I also think improv comedy looks like fun and I'm thinking about trying some classes maybe later in the year.

    Yes, I am weird. Yes, I can be a dork. But I don't care, that's who I am and I like it. The obsessions make the stories in my head and life more interesting.
  3. I hate opening things on depressing subjects, but I have to talk about this. I was messing around on youtube watching a bunch of PSAs. One of them happened to be an anorexic psa. So I decided to google pro-anorexic websites and what I got shocked me beyond belief. It was a pro-anorexic chat room. Everyone there was saying how "happy" they were because they lost weight they can't afford to lose. Just the plain horror of it, I can't put it into words. I wanted to scream and post on the site to stop doing what they were doing and eat for God's sake. But that might have meant subscribing to that stupid site and I didn't want to do that. I have been wanting to lose weight for a long time. Often, I have thought about trying to starve myself. But looking at the website and what those girls have posted has reminded me why I should try to lose weight a different way. I am hoping I will somehow find the strength to not become like them. And to those on this site who are thinking about losing weight like that, I say to you do not, it will cost you your life. Although if you have done and are doing this, I urge you to stop what you are doing and eat and get some help. Your life depends on it. And may God help you as you recover. If you know a friend who is anorexic, urge them to eat, even if it means forcing the food down their throat, although that may not be the best process of doing it. Please, help our world and create less anorexics.