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  1. I have been an aspiring writer for about 7 years now. I first decided to give it a crack because I have a relatively vivid imagination. I was always extremely intimidated by trying to bring my fantasies to life through writing, so it was very difficult for me to get started. My primary enemy has been my lack of focus, and general flakiness. For instance, I am a very creative person, and I have an interest in many different things. Writing (Novels/Songs/Scripts/Poems) Jewelry. Printed Scarves. Even making videos via Xtranormal. Mmm... I am sure I am leaving something else out... Anyway, having so many different creative outlets may look good, or maybe even fantastic, on paper, but I just feel this general lack of focus or direction. Any given day, I may wake up and decide, "today I want to write a short story..." Then two days later, I just have this fabulous jewelry design that I want to work on. And the day after that, "oh wouldn't it be funny to make a video making fun of XYZ!" The next day it's, "I can't get this melody for a song out of my head. I need to write it!" Then it's, "Oh, THIS would make a GORGEOUS textile design for a scarf!"

    IT DRIVES ME NUTS. :eek: :confused::rolleyes::(:p

    The funny thing is that it took me a while to realize the creative aspects of my life. I grew up around art, my father was an artist, so I always felt that there was this pressure for me to become an artist as well, a painter, like my dad. Well, I am no fine artist. I can't paint worth a damn, truth be told. (Not unless it's some home crafty thing, like a painted box. That just doesn't count. Who CAN'T do that? lol.) Because of this, I shied away from anything creative, because it was just so expected and so cliche. Like when an actor's child also becomes an actor. For years I told people I didn't have a creative bone in my body, mostly because I can't draw or paint. Well, as it turns out, every bone in my body is creative - or, I'm just crazy.

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    Simple little painted wooden box.


    Anyway, back to writing. When I first decided that I wanted to write, I tackled something that was just way too grandiose for any beginning writer - an epic novel. Every couple of years I go back to it and try to write it in different styles, and different ways, but I haven't really gotten the tone or voice that I am seeking.

    As the genre of Fantasy goes, I am a recovering gamer (MMORPG's y'all!) and I love it. At least, as it is told through TV, movies and MMORPG's. Oddly, I am not really a reader of fantasy novels. I prefer to read mysteries and suspense novels. Of course, it is important to read examples of the genre you wish to write, so not doing so has been a most obvious hindrance. I told myself that "one day" I will buckle down and actually find a good list of fantasy novels to read, just so that I at least can get a better handle on how things are done. My friend has been trying to get me to read George RR Martin. I use the excuse that I don't want the books to ruin Game of Thrones for me. lmao. (No, honestly, my experience has been that the book is almost always better than its TV or movie adaptions.)

    Given my feelings for fantasy books vs fantasy TV/MOVIES/MMORPG'S, I am now wondering if perhaps the best outlet for my fantasy writing is through scriptwriting. I have only recently started to research how to write a script and have started working on a fantasy/sci-fi type script in the 60 minute TV Drama format. Naturally, as anything new, it's exciting, but it also feels more natural to me than writing novels have felt. I, of course, don't know if I am doing it right or not, so time will tell. Maybe the way I am writing it is all wrong, and the correct way won't be as exciting to me. lol. So, yes, Attack of the Killer Flake is at it at again.


    Is anyone still reading? If so, any advice on how to better organize this old noggin of mine? It would be most appreciated. I am new to the site, and so far have found it very useful. Particularly the thread about the fear of being critiqued. I can relate to the original poster too well. lol. I am scared that when I finally post something for critiquing, I will crumble internally, and go hide in a shadowy corner never to be seen again. It's a good thing that you have to wait two weeks. lol. Anyway, I hope to get to know you all better!

    DeAnna Claudette