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  1. I've been hard at work on a Manga to compete with a friend of mine in making one. It gives me some time to practice drawing too. So I thought I'd 100% wing it and just make a story on the spot in five seconds. I thought hey what the heck, challenge myself; break some barriers. I've gone a route I haven't tried before and I see why I hadn't before. My main character is one Vampire named Vayne who is my first balls out off the wall protagonist. Vayne is a hemomancer and does a lot of nasty things with blood and enjoys causing pain. He's fast, loose, and fun as far as a protagonist goes but at the same time he's hard to contain. I realize that Vayne's involvement in whatever plot I can set him in DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.

    There's no ally or villain for someone who just wants to watch the world burn now is there? And it's been boiling my blood as of recent when I'm trying to come up with a decent enough plot for him to work with.

    Another huge problem is the fact that he's completely one dimensional when it comes to character development. He's kinda murder murder murder kill kill kill and I like that. It's gonna be really fun to watch him work his insanity blood magic but at the same time it seems like we're looking through a very small keyhole into a pitch black room.

    I'm starting to think that this type of character isn't my thing. I really like badasses as a character archetype but I'm a huge fan of character development. My huge problem with Vayne as a character is the fact that he's already at wits end and really doesn't have much room to develop from the get go.

    Hmmm.... -_-
  2. [​IMG]
    Isiah Redmond a.k.a Mr. Magic, one of the most powerful magicians in my universe. But instead of using his magical prowess to impress the ladies (the main subject with which he had universal bad luck) he does what he can to keep the wool over the eyes of those who don't know about the realms of magic (Because let him tell it, knowledge of the magical world is dangerous). Killing ghosts, magical apparitions, demons, and everything in between all while running a modest novelty magic shop in Trenton, New Jersey.
  3. For the longest time I've only lived in my head and played around with ideas of stories and plot lines. This that and the third and I was great (so I believe) at coming up with interesting tales and characters. I could make a story off of a single thought, even so much as a single sound could easily spark my imagination into overdrive. I could rattle off about everything I've possibly thought of but since I pulled an entire continuity reboot and started from scratch that would be pointless. Back to what I was saying.

    My most recent writings in the The Sentinels, which is an episodic story on a blog, has made me start to realize the writing itself is... living. Week to week I've got to expand the story and keep things on track and while I'm doing this I find myself saying "No no, she wouldn't do that." or "He/she's gotta make this happen" and I slowly started realizing that this stuff has a mind of its own. When it wants to expand it demands a new character or plot element. It demands a character act a certain way or a scene have a certain type of symbolism. At first I thought "ok... I've lost it" and perhaps maybe I have but I as the writer can't deny what the story wants. It's part of me, my creation so why would I neglect it?

    That was just the thought of the moment, I apologize if this is like an obvious point for everyone or just plain insane. But that's what I was thinking.
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  4. I got Marshall Mathers LP 2 a week ago and like any Eminem fan I was excited but with a healthy dose of skepticism. I was hoping maybe he'd go COMPLETELY back to MM LP and back to the cleverness and gore that made him. And did he succeed? Short answer: no.

    It seems Eminem's a bit more disappointed in himself these days more than usual and decided to make an album in a last ditch effort to recapture his magnum opus back from 2000, or 13 years ago if you can't count backward very well.

    Eh. Never thought I wouldn't be able to sit through an Eminem project, hell I sat through Relapse just fine the first time (Stay Wide Awake still gives me nightmares though) so why couldn't I get through this? One word: Production. It absolutely PILEDRIVED this album into the ground. It wasn't a homage to early 2000's Eminem it was more late 2010 Eminem. But the thing is Recovery was GOOD, I particularly enjoyed it, but MM LP 2 feels more like Recovery 2 than anything.

    The beats just make you want to tuck yourself in. Outside of Rhyme or Reason, Bad Guy, and Brainless There was absolutely no notably good production on the songs, and the hooks sung by these various different women here and there, I don't know what that was about. Even with the lyricism being Eminem standard clever and fast the beats and hooks killed all excitement on pretty much every track. It didn't feel like the MM LP Eminem that he reached for. Honestly half the beats coulda gone to Macklemore.

    If I had to Rate this album 3.5/5

    What did you think?
  5. A character type I been messing around with recently is the character who is forced to play the villain

    A character who really wants to be the good guy and do right but is locked into doing wrong

    One of my working characters Evelyn Shields, a struggling author, is forced to take on the role of a villain to raise money to buy the controlling share in her husband's company while he's kidnapped to prevent it from happening by someone both she and her husband despise.

    Evelyn goes under the identity of the Shadow Lady and employs Nicholas Blade, the MC of the tale, to do some mercenary contracts and by doing so Nicholas raises the bounty already on his own head to which she wants to claim in order to achieve her goal.

    Throughout the tale her real character shines through her facade as the Shadow Lady. She proves that she is just incapable of being a true villain by consistently stepping out of character, being quirky, having full conversations with Nick and trying to relate to him, being honest to her plans of betrayal, almost blowing her real identity, and even housing Nicholas at one point. She does all of this because she's just not able to not be stop being Evelyn Shields sometimes, she just can't help it. It eventually leads to an accidental friendship that the two don't speak of but acknowledge

    And at the end of the tale she has a final showdown with Nick, ( See Fighting a Shadow)forcing herself to attempt to kill someone she had become attached to and on the inside it destroys her as she berates herself to commit her conscience begins attacking her with thoughts like "You're the villain right?! Do it! Come on Evelyn! This is what you wanted to be, isn't it! Do it!"

    Its a unique character type that embodies the concept of morals and at the same time the stress of desperation and the weight of decisions.

    She eventually continues the series under her real name and identity becoming an ally and very close friend to Nick over time

    Her type of character is one I love seeing portrayed due to just how much can be put into the character and their dilemma and it helps to characterize them under adversity