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Blog entries by dnsralg

  1. At 13 500 words. Major anxiety. Therapy cancelled this week. Hallucinations? Help!
  2. The Toronto Blue Jays should not be eligible for the U.S. Major League. What next - baseball teams from the Republic of Kazakhstan?
  3. Last night, I finally breached 10 000 words! That's definitely a small miracle for someone with my attention span. :p It's currently my second longest piece ever! In addition to that, my story has officially evolved completely from my original idea. I feel like this was supposed to happen - I had so many holes and unanswered questions before, but now everything is coming together. I know...
  4. As I lie in bed at the end of the day, I begin my process of falling asleep with a brainstorm. This is when I attempt some physical character development of my WIP characters for my own use (I tend not to care how my audience visualizes my characters as long as any plot-moving physical traits are defined). When I begin to see fractals in the darkness behind my eyelids, I switch over to...
  5. I good friend of mine, Delilah, keeps a diary in the traditional sense. She writes in it (nightly, I think) to record anything in her day that affected her and any thoughts she needs to work through. Sometimes, Delilah exchanges her jumble of thoughts for a well-organized rant. One day, she seemed like she needed to talk about something; she appeared agitated. She gave me the gist of the...
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