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  1. Posted my first short story for review. Aaaaaaarghhh (as they say in The Beano).:redface:
  2. I've actually reviewed two people's work! Teehee:p! I found it difficult to criticise other folks' prose when I haven't a clue myself. I guess I'll get used to it. Looking forward to posting my first piece when I've reviewed a couple more. I'm looking for creative writing courses online (free, of course!), so would appreciate any help there. Enjoying being a part of this group. What a wonderful mix of people!:D
  3. I'm happy with the story I've written. It really is short, though, but I think it does the job. Only about 700 words I think. Looking forward to getting some feedback sometime, when I've done my duty to the forum community and told some far more experienced and skilled writers how to write. :p Here goes.....
  4. Well, I'm on my way. 270 words of my new short story under my belt. Not sure all 270 will survive, though! I'm excited with the story, and can honestly say it's been very helpful reading others' postings & reviews. Looking forward to posting my first, when I've done my two reviews, of course. That's a laugh - me, reviewing others' work! I know you don't have to be anything special to do a review, but it just sounds funny to me! All the best y'all, and thanks for reading.:p
  5. Always wanted a blog. Well, not always, but for a while now. It's such an unpleasant word though: blog. And blogger is worse. But I guess that's what I am now - a blogger, who blogs, or at least has blogged, once. "Not now, sweetie, I'm blogging." "Well, make sure you spray and open the window." I feel like I'm part of a fairly elite class now, or am I taking it too far? Well, after all this blogging, I'm pretty exhausted, so thanks for reading this, and with your permission I'll blog off.