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  1. "Shut the fuck up! I'll beat the shit out of you and all your homies" Yes this was my best friend, a little crazy? I would say hell yeah. It was just another lovely day walking outside in the desert living village I called home. Home is where I saw gun shots on a daily basis, gangsters throwing up gang signs and my best friends mom on the street corner talking to some dudes. I never really knew anything outside this "village", some might consider this The ghetto, poverty palace, gangsters' paradise, but to me it was just plain ol' home. My name is Hector, AKA lil smiley! I prefer smiley, but I'm the youngest on the block so you can see where the "lil" comes from. Anyways it's just another day another damn dream, as I always say.

    -Heckor AKA smiley
    Day 1
  2. Laughing, smiling, crying till you get your way! Yes this is exactly what I'm talking about. As we grow we our minds change, our processes of thinking changes, we start thinking about how we're going to pay rent next month instead of enjoying life. Don't get me wrong paying rent is important. But if we start thinking like a child, just a little bit, It can open up your imagination. Look at it this way, your laying in bed mad that something didn't go according to plan. What are you thinking...Exactly! Right away your mind heads towards a negative vibe. So change it up, what if I said think of a unicorn. Your probably thinking unicorns aren't real. STOP THAT ADULT THINKING! Think of a unicornand how you wish you could see one and ride one... Now think of the surroundings of the unicorn and how beautiful it looks... Now you see, you can control the way you feel, you can control the way you think. It's not bad to imagine sometimes, and let your brain wander. Everyone has a inner child, what's yours?!