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  1. Okay.. I had three section that were okay and knew if i was going to continue this way.. I needed to insert a section between section one and two.

    The thing is in this fantasy world what you see is Not Always what you get.
    there are the heroes.. and the mundanes.

    Tod the Protagonist is a perfectly normal mercenary armsman style hero that has been hired to act as watch commander of a small settlements watch of four men. they didn't have a formal watch before a family disappeared.

    Thommie is a mischievous boy that Tod drafted, to become and apprentice officer/cadet, figuring that he would know more about what was unsaid. and could be counted on to be willing to learn more.

    Why does this come up here.
    Cadet Thoomie is mundane.
    One of the scenes is around the settlements communal breakfast fire.
    Tod has just finished his first night sleeping in the house of the missing family, made the home base of the new Watch, and bedroom of the watch commander.

    Thommie wearing his new cadet uniform perfectly made and tailored.. if it had been made 200 years earlier.
    And Thommie reported that during the night and early morning a strange group of people had arrived.

    Here is the issue of heroes point of view. Vlad.. a local bounty hunter well known to the settlement was surprised to find himself returned as he was five days travel away. And Tod was very surprised to see Vlad.. since he was obviously dead, to a heroes eyes and a Vampyr thrall-broken servant.
    while to a mundane he looks to be a perfectly fine fellow.
    While our Thommie is a mundane he happens to be a "rune-scribed fryend" of the bush-li'ls 'a type of gnome'.
    One if the strangers looks perfectly normal to Thommie but Tod sees strange beast like ears.

    So an aspect of this world the visual cues a hero sees and the mundane masque that hides some of the thrall bonded or fae appear between shifts of POV.

    Thommie was the point of view I added.. and it went okay.
    But as I did it I began attempt to fuse the other sections.
    Tod's, Vlad's, Both heroes, to follow and lead Thommie's, what I am satisfied with is that I have all the information in the four sections I want to convey.

    But realize that it will take several more sections to make it not feel like dropping in a shopping list.
  2. Writing this, is much easier than writing the current story I am working on.
    Why.. because I can start here and it feels correct.

    I have in my story, maybe fifteen different starts, some from a few different points of view.

    The current working title is: Tod's Ordinary Adventure; Payment In Faery Gold