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  1. Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1 Kei Hazuka Walkthrough

    Kei, the princely main guy of TokiMemo GS, is also one of the hardest to get. But have no fear with my handy walkthrough!

    0.) Really, you can pick any girl as your roommate.

    1.) Kei automatically meets you at the start of the game, and will give you his phone number a few days later, so don't worry about these.

    2.) Easy part over. I wouldn't advise joining a club, for various reasons. Raise your social early on by spending time with one of the girls. Once it hits 50, get a job at ALUCARD Coffee by checking the mail and then applying via telephone. Work on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see Kei. It's a very useful job, because it provides guy time, a boost to most of your stats, and of course, money.

    3.) Kei has very high requirements for all of your stats. Social is pretty much taken care of by ALUCARD and you'll be hanging out with your friends a lot, but the rest of them still probably need improvement. (But ALUCARD helps.)Essentially, do a little bit of all the stat-raising activities that are not jobs/clubs.Even set up a schedule. Don't do a lot on the days you have work, though.

    4.) ALWAYS try to walk home with Kei. He may reject you at first, in which case just brush up on all your stats and try again. Eventually, he'll give in. If he's smiling, ask him to go to the cafe with you.

    5.) Exams WILL rear their ugly head at some point. If you studied a lot, went to the library, and spent time with Arisawa on a fairly regular basis, you're fine. In addition, I would recommend doing some painting, because the art exam score is based almost entirely upon your art stat. If you do well on your exams, Kei will congratulate you.

    6.) Go buy some decent clothes. Kei likes "pure" clothes, so go to Boutique Sophia on Park Walk and stock up. Don't go crazy, but buy a couple decent outfits. Also, buy barrettes at Jewelry Vansan, because they are Kei's favorite accessory.

    7.) Before Kei's birthday pops up in October, check in with your brother to "unlock" his birthday. Buy him the kitty puzzle for his big day! (The first year, anyway.) And in Feburary make sure to make him Valentine chocolate.

    8.) By and by, Kei should eventually accept dates with you. Wear pure clothes on the date with barrettes. He likes to go to the following places:

    Movie >> Verocity of Light
    Movie >> Spinning
    Habataki Park >> Sakura-viewing (Spring)
    Habataki Park >> Summer
    Seaside Park >> Walk
    Fireworks Festival
    Amusement Park >> Night Parade

    9.)Throughout the second year, continue raising your stats and dating Kei. Kei, unlike most of the other guys, doesn't like to be dated too often. Keep this in the front of your mind. At the beginning, one date per 2 months is plenty and gradually work it up to once every 2 weeks. Vary the places you go and never go to same place twice in a row. Keep a schedule if it helps. This may seems silly, but don't wear one piece of clothing too often. Vary your outfit, but keep in mind that just one other piece makes it a "new outfit". Once Kei likes you enough, elegant clothes are just as good as pure.

    10.) Get him the cat pillow for his birthday in the second year.

    11.) As his affection rises, you'll get some really cute cutscenes. He names a cat after you, and also takes you on the ferris wheel for Christmas.

    12.) Somewhere around the beginnning of the third year, do a major brushing up on all your stats. For the end, minimum requirements are
    Intellect: 150
    Art: 150
    Fitness: 150
    Style: 150
    Social: 100
    Charm: 100

    Work on your requirements while having more dates/cutscenes with Kei. Buy him the silver accesories for his b-day in the third year.

    13.) If you followed all of this, you'll get Kei's ending at the end of the third year! It's really sweet.

    Hope you enjoyed! Next up: Sakuya's walkthrough! Then once I finish all the guys from TMGS1, we will move on to Princess Maker 4.