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  1. The coalition’s cuts will lead to 25% of British children living below the poverty line,

    Youth unemployment is at its highest since records began and national unemployment is at a dizzying high.

    But let us not blame the system of ruling, political systems such as ours is like any other political system whether it be democracy, monarchy, communism or fascism.

    It is not the systems that are to blame but those in charge.

    The leaders and their advisors, place the wrong people in power you’ll see failure, place the right people in power you’ll see success.

    Take Napoleon for example, this man’s reforms in France and across Europe during his reign still form the basics of these nations today, his initial military success allowed him to spread his reforms, until his blunder in Russia lead to his fall.

    Then take Tsar Nicolas II, a man placed into power who was unable to see the changes needed, by 1917 he was ousted from power and eventually he along with his family shot, replaced by Communism after a brutal Civil War leading to Lenin and then Stalin.

    Two examples, one of a person of success in both leading a nation and military accomplishments whilst the other failed in both leading his nation and in military accomplishments.

    To put it simply it is not the car, but its driver that makes all of the difference.

    The coalition’s plans in Britain have long term goals but they’ll fail to meet these unless they make short term accomplishments.

    Let the warnings across the world be cause for concern not dealing with unemployment, allow your people’s situations to worsen will lead to Revolution and that…will be chaotic.

    Unions could gather forming a new Communist era which will in these times of financial difficulty appeal to the masses.

    Perhaps the Nationalist-Socialists will rise once more, their national ideals will grant them power through using racial theories to unite people in a common cause of national pride providing a majority of citizens with a great age whilst a minority pays the price.

    Want to realise how realistic change is during times such as these?

    Look up the Russian Revolution of 1917,

    Look up the 1929 Wall Street Crash and how it allowed the Rise of the Nazi’s in Germany in 1933.

    All of these events could easily make a re-appearance in this modern time of uncertainty, despair and financial difficulty.

    Then again…perhaps the French Revolution will resume, the current government system over thrown its elitist rulers wiped out, a mixture of nationalism sweeping through the lands but lead by Socialist ideals to better aid the people on a whole rather than a few of the ruling class.

    What ever happens only the true leaders will be able to exist, those who have lead nations in the past years, people not truly suited to lead will find their time has ended.

    In these times, leaders arise whose ability to rule lives within nations for hundreds of years whilst history remembers them.
  2. One magical sunny afternoon, Harry Potter grabbed his broom and leaped out of his window as the birds were singing.

    Gaining height, he felt the breeze in his hair, alive with joy he began spinning on his broom, around and around and around.

    But unfortunately, Harry had forgotten one very important thing…broom tax!

    As he flew about over London he hadn’t a care in the world until out of the clouds above came an RAF Typhoon fighter jet, moving behind Potter on his broom, it followed him.

    The little wizard almost soiled himself, his wand little able to stand up against a Typhoon.

    Passing over the London eye (a big wheel in London why it’s called Eye I don’t know) a missile launched from the Typhoon.

    It shot forewords with great haste, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake, as it charged towards its target.

    Hearing it, Harry attempted to out run it, but he wasn’t fast enough, he then attempted dodging it but he wasn’t quick enough.


    Potter and his broom rained down over London in little pieces.

    The moral of the story is…always pay your broom tax or the RAF will blow you up.

    The End.
  3. I’m a figment of your imagination, I can change my face as I please, you will never tame me, never know me, never even meet me as in reality all you see, hear, feel and know is my character.

    Words I speak I speak from my own mind, lips, lungs and heart to me it is the truth and how I live my life to you perhaps not, you may follow it, bend my words to suit your own needs or reject it, challenge me, hate me and fear me.

    We are different; you are you I am I.

    Perhaps one day you shall meet the real me but only when my death is near shall that ever happen, we’ll live in the ideal that we truly know each other until one second changes everything.

    We’ll cry together, sing together, drink together, laugh together and yell together.

    You may like to see me as a saint or as the very thing you hate but I’m never anything only what you make me out to be.

    I never made you decide you did this on your own; it was in your mind that I was created, from your mouth my words tangled in a web of lies.

    Now they know me for who you made me out to be, they think of me as you do and will never attempt to know who I really am.

    For that I thank you, you have allowed me to become something I never was, my memory will not be of me but of yours and everyone’s vision of what I am and was.

    I can challenge you, I could change you words, I could even make you see yourself rather than who you think you are, one look within a mirror and you’ll realise that you are not you, you never have been you….you are me.

    You have always been me, we’ve never seen each other, never talked together, never smiled together never even brushed upon each other in the hall.

    Yet I have always been here whispering my poison into your ear, pulling my strings which decide your every move.

    How does it feel knowing I’ve always controlled you?

    How does it feel seeing what you really are?

    You think they care about you these politicians?

    They control you, make you think what ever they want you to think and eventually when you don’t like it is what you’ve voted you attempt to take control.

    And they cut your strings…falling down….alone….you remain forever without meaning without reason…you are one of them….your a puppet.
  4. Actually got my fez :) cost me £3.99 but its got many purposes!...its not only a hat but also a bowl!

    Ha quite tacky actually but looks good also doesn't actually fit my head... :eek:

    Royal wedding tomorrow which I'll watch on the edge of my seat...ready to leave the room. :p

    Now its half past midnight got Amon Amarth-'Gods of War Arise' blasting into my ear drums, cup of coffee and I'll do something before collapsing and awaking awkwardly sprawled upon my two seater sofa :)

    Allons-Y!!!!! Also can't wait for Doctor Who!!! :D
  5. I’m more powered up than I was after my school election victory! Old Dove ego’s back with some over enthusiastic crazy ideas most of which I’ll do!

    500 CV’s printed out meet up with The Shaw dominate every single room I walk into! Any slump who attempts to out whit me will find themselves easily out done and left to walk away dragging what’s left of their pride.

    In the past few weeks I’ve become more dominating, I used to enter a room and be silent, fear creating a response now I love, nothing like the look on someone’s face who glares at you laughing in their mind then within seconds their entire world is torn down, that look it priceless!

    Like always no drugs! No matter what **** I’ve got going on drugs will never be my idea of a solution as I’m mad enough without them.

    I’ve got a revised Doveism Political party with everything sorted from a new economic solution to a new society!; I’m an actor, advertiser, creative master mind! A man with a million ideas and nothing to lose!

    Soon to be homeless, currently jobless and I’ve got about £10 life savings….

    And I couldn’t be happier!

    So anything or anyone who wants to challenge the Dove step fourth I shall not destroy you but confuse, disable and transform you into a follower…like sheep to a Shepard!

    EL DOVE!!