Ever get the feeling that you’re not alone?
That you’re being watched?
Feel that presence of someone breathing down your back…. or your neck?….
Sending a shiver down your spine??
No you say
Well welcome to my world.
From the moment I was born I have felt it.
It’s like having a protective minder with me 24/7.
I do feel safe but……
Just sometimes I would just like my space back
To be left alone with my own thoughts……
He is always there.
And I have known him before………

Going out to the clubs I can escape for a little while.
Partaking of various substances helps me to escape.
Listening to the funky vibes of the music playing .
Seeing and feeling the revelers bumping and grinding into me.

But you are still there.
That face……. from a time long ago.
That place…….. I can only
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  1. Imagine there was a guy that keeps having nightmares.He goes to a hypnotherapist in an attempt to figure out why he keeps having these strange dreams. After one hour he awakes from his session and is startled by what he sees around him. Blood. Lots of it. The therapist is dead.In fact everyone in the clinic is dead.

    Beep Beep Beep ...... The echoing constant tones of the alarm infiltrates my sleeping mind. My heart is racing.Beads of sweat dripping down my face. It was only a dream!
    Why does it feel so real though?
    My appointment is today. My mate Carl thoroughly recommended i see this quack.....Dr Emily Mortimer. She deals mainly in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Helped Carl to quit his four pack a day nicotine addiction.
    I don’t know if she can help me with these dreams but hey it’s worth a shot. I only really told Carl about these nigtmares-he is my best mate and well he witnessed me one night waking from one of them-sweating and shivering. It was my ear piercing scream that woke him.
    The dreams are always the same.The insatiable bloodlust stands out the most. Disgusts me to think about it.In the dream I look in a mirror. I am not who I am now. Dressed in a long dark overcoat.Quite tall and distinctive. Long black wild hair tied loosely in a pony tail.Big black hat.Dark moustache. Dark menacing eyes.Pale sickly white skin.
    Some of these dreams i weave in and out of crowds in some old town-could be anywhere in Europe....but not in this time.I spy a young sailor boy. His veins seem to be calling me. Throbbing vessels on the side of his neck.The urge to sink my teeth in them is too strong.Within seconds his lifeless body is on the ground.The blood like nectar dripping down from his neck.I hover over him lapping up the last drops from his life.
    What the fuck am I ?
  2. this is my first draft for intro for this short story -feedback would be useful