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  1. This is an email my dad legitimately received that he had to send to me since it was so horrible. Please, use this to remind others that we do need those high school English classes at least. And to check over what they write. Ugh.


    So did you watch the football games lately. It was fun partying with
    Cowboy fans their was 4 plus me their...that game was fun! I know the
    Vikes would blow it...Their never ment for the Super bowl... But something
    to watch on Sundays in the fall. Hey has the store Business going well I
    hope. Woody the Next time I planning on coming up is State Fair? this only
    i plan right now.
    When I was up their John B and I had lunch BS for a while,He would like me
    to pick up some peppers and a Tee shirt for him would you like anything
    just call or e-mail me. My bros and mom coming down next month, On or tour
    I will pick things up. The trip start Feb 19-28
    So let me know before hand...After I get back I will e-mail you and JB
    for your Address so I can ship them off,

    Have a good week and talk you later,

    It's a sad world we live in.
  2. So I've been working at a grocery store every summer and Christmas break for the past two years and for two years before that everyday, and now for some ungodly reason they won't let me come back for a month. I go to the Meat Manager (I was a stocker in the meat department) and he says he needs me, I go to the general manager and he wants me there, I go to the Human Resources woman and she tells me "it isn't our policy anymore." Isn't our policy? Really?

    I have an argument with her that escalates to the point that I have to leave, and I leave with no job for Christmas and thus no money. Everybody else wants me there and the company will lose money not having me there because their overworked to begin with, let alone holiday craziness. This is the stupidest display of bureaucracy gone wrong done to me. I'm so frickin' frustrated with this crap.

    So now what am I supposed to do? Nobody's going to hire me for a month/three weeks. I'm kind of screwed. I don't hardly have enough for books next semester. I hate money so much, it's such a horrible thing.

    Well I'm done ranting for now...ugh...