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  1. I would like to start with a few words. What I am providing here is merely information that I have experienced and compiled. Make of it what you will and enjoy. Read with the understanding that there is complete perfection in what we have experienced up to this point.

    After you have written your contract and come into the world you become a part of a collective belief system and are infused with beliefs handed down to you through DNA strands of your parents – The Program. For years people were born into this system, conditioned and became a part of the world we knew where we would go to school for conditioning to be sent out into the “real” world where we would work for 35 years then retire (again a collective belief we have created) and die off when your souls work is done. There was little time to stop, breath and just enjoy the experience we have before us. This program in the mind has come with a funny little thing known as the ego. This is why the world is the way it is in its current state, full of greed, power, money and negative energies. All of these energies are based around fear, dense and low vibration energy. Can you imagine a world without these things? Can you imagine a world where people were not greedy and you did not have fear of your brothers and sisters?

    A world anchored in love. The hippies were criticized for this belief that peace and love was the answer to the world’s problems and if for a second we could all see that, maybe changes could be made to the world and we could all start to experience true unconditional love. Certain lower vibration beings that control and make decision as to what goes on in our world have put in place a “wonderful” belief that those people were wrong. Even Hollywood, which they influence, has deemed these people as crazy free spirited drug users so as to help create this stigma. Let’s stop for a moment and feel, does this world we live in seem backwards.

    These dense low vibration beings that are at the top of our ruling have created this absolutely wonderful system know as the education system. From a very early age we send our children to an institution where they are conditioned with archaic concepts and are prepared to join the herd when all is done after 20 or so years. This wonderful system is apparently in place to teach our children and young adults knowledge that will help them in the future. The reality is, the education system we have today has the same hierarchy of subjects all over the world. This hierarchy of subjects is meant to lock individuals into the left brain and stop them from experiencing a balance between left and right. This makes the individual very robotic, methodic, and logical and .. Essentially.. Sedated. Going back to what this system is apparently for, preparing children for the future, we can easily see again, this is backwards. We are educating our children out of creativity. We are replacing wonderful creative people with robots. How can we educate our children for the future, when we do not have any concept of what the future will be like? We have no idea what things are going to be like in say 2029, 20 years from now. How can we be teaching them archaic concepts “for the future” and educating them out of creativity, when we don’t know what things will be like? Wouldn’t one think that creativity will be KEY to the future when we will have to create new concepts?

    Fortunately, some children born in the last few decades (and even earlier) and children who are continuing to be born, have been born with new programming. A programming that does not fit in well with structure, a programming that allows them to understand there is something seriously out of place with the world right now. The world is lacking unconditional love and they are slowly breaking down this imprisoning system we know of today. Of course, the governing beings of our current system are doing a fine job of creating negative views towards these children. “Diagnosing” them with things like ADD, ADHD and putting them on medication – we know they control the pharmaceutical industry as well. These medications are not “helping” them, these medications are making them numb and docile, but we accept it, because that is what our repeaters are being taught.

    When you can begin to stop, breath, and realize what is going on around the world right now, you can understand and accept it is not this way by accident. Our world has been tampered with and our programs have been tampered with. It is time that humanity wakes up from this sleep we are in. Get back in touch with Gaia and who we truly are. Do you really think we came to earth simply live and have a career? Born to have an experience where we are paid robots for the majority of our lives? That is currently the main focus of our lives.

    The world is a playground! Enjoy it! Love! Be at peace with yourself and your brothers and sisters! Take a minute to step out of the system and feel what we really are! We are moving into a new age, an age where there will be no place for fear, greed and power. Love will be the only option and we as a collective must evolve into this new age. In the meantime, prepare for a ride into the new age. Anchor yourself in light and love, FREE YOUR MIND.

    There is no reason to be angry or fearful of how we currently live. This has shown us the other side of things and is allowing us to evolve. All is perfect.

    Love and Light
  2. Our Education System

    In the past, most that I shared this information with did not take it so kindly and were lead to being very defensive. Perhaps it was my approach at the time, I was vibing something different. But I share this now with a clear mind and heart, and I truly feel that most can now see the TRUTH behind this system. We have woken up over the years since I started talking about this, and there is so much thought of this out into the collective matrix that it can be accessed by anyone who is ready. I think for this reason, we are starting to see right through this system of “education”

    The idea of educating people is great, but then again what is “education?” If we were to look at what has been created as “education,” we can now see it isn’t “education” as much as it is conditioning. Most can readily admit this and some will very soon, our world is not governed by what we think are “elected” higher ups. This is but a show for what really goes on so as to keep people thinking they have some power. That being said, in order to keep us from thinking for ourselves and figuring these things out, they have created our education system. They have filled it with useless and often times false information that doesn’t serve us very much. I will let you watch the David Icke video at the end of this post to keep the post shorter.

    We have given so much power and authority to “educated” people. They get better jobs, make more money, become our doctors and teachers etc. Do you notice how the one’s that think for themselves and don’t go through this system are punished? Is that fair? Most of the brilliant inventors from our past never step foot in a school or university, so we know intelligence has nothing to do with our education system. So why is it there? I would like to keep this post constructive, so let’s have the lesson from all this.

    The system, whatever it may be, is in fact perfection. Why? How? Because the dark forces who have created and implemented it have aided us in our evolution as a collective and they have given us a system to examine so we can understand the duality we have been experiencing. There is no right or wrong or better or worse for those who have gone to school or not, this has only been created by the dark forces to instill fear. Everyone has a different experience. Everyone has the very same choice to open up and look at what we have from all angles. If they do, great. If they don’t, great. And hey, at least we will have some buildings to use when this system falls and real education is needed : )

  3. Conditional Love vs. Unconditional Love

    When we think of love we often think of a relationship between two people or we think of our families or even sometimes, a television show we “love.” I want to make clear what I am trying to differentiate. We, at our purest state, are not about relationship love or “love” we have created and defined collectively. (conditional love) We are about something that is infinite, something that is creation and pure, in our purest form we are unconditional love.

    When we think of words and there objective, we think of a means of communicating thoughts, feelings and actions to one another in different mediums. It’s important to remember words often cover up the mystery of TRULY what a thought, feeling, action or object really is. To go further, we can also create a collective belief or understanding about a word that may not necessarily be its true meaning.

    To understand this further we can talk about conditional love and the ego. We are souls, coming to this planet in physical form to live out a physical experience so as to gain more experience on a soul level. The soul acts as a recorder of experiences and the physicality is merely the vehicle in which we experience. We come here with our higher selves/guide and an ego, since the human experience involves the ego. The ego is important in understanding conditional love vs. unconditional love because the ego is the “suffering child” of our experience, this will make sense as we go.

    We live in a world where we are told and conditioned to believe certain concepts and are lead to the emotion of fear should we decide to think differently than the masses. While this is all in complete perfection, there is still a creeping curiosity to ask “why?” about certain things we hear. It has been created collectively that we, as humans, look externally for love. We are constantly looking for “the one” the certain someone who’s going to be a “soul mate.” This idea has been created through many mediums but one very obvious one is Hollywood. We see the man who meets the woman and they get swept away by “love” and then half way through the movie there is a conflict. Then in the end they fix the situation and we have a very romantic mushy ending! Sound familiar at all? For woman, this has created a constant external search for fairy tale romance and for men we have a belief system that says “men are macho.” This leads men to feel embarrassed and to generally be less expressive beings when it comes to love. How about a relationship that is hot and heavy for 6 months and then somehow dies off? We were in “love” for 6 straight months then it died off? It is important to understand these are all concepts and beliefs of the ego state of consciousness, “the suffering child” The ego is not the true self. The ego is trying to feed itself to gain an identity and will find any slippery way of achieving this. It is the voice in the head that experiences, fear, judgment, hate, etc. It is the reason why when someone judges us there is offense taken and a need to strike back is created.

    Our collective definition for what “love” is is simply conditional love. We love on conditions. Example: If a parent asks the child to clean there room and the child does it they reward them, if the child does not, they get punished. This is rewarding based on condition. This is the same way we love in our society. Instead of loving others for exactly who they are, LOVE; we create conditions for when we will love someone.

    As we have been taught, we look to receive love as opposed to experiencing it within. Remember at our purest state we are all love. To understand how we can experience the unconditional love that we are we must first understand what unconditional love is. We’ll call it love for now. Quantum Physics - Love is an energy, like we are. We are experiencing this three dimensional experience as physical beings which are energy. In order to experience 3D our energy must be slowed down and somewhat dense. As dimensions ascend, vibrations get higher. There is essentially a limit to what vibrations can be perceived sensorially in 3D – our experience. We must understand Love is of the highest vibration. For us, we cannot sense this vibration easily and therefore we have made this love physical. We have done this in two ways. One by trying to perceive how love makes us feel using our 5 senses; and two, which stems from one, we have created “GOD” which has a physical or somewhat physical form so we can perceive this so called creator and higher entity. But remember that we said we are all unconditional love, and at it makes us high vibrating beings. We have veils and false perceptions, baggage if you will, that hide this light and high vibration that is our essence. We are in essence god, we are creators and we are true unconditional love. With these veils of false perception removed you can experience a feeling of unconditional love like nothing you’ve experienced before. You must experience conditional love to know unconditional love, this we have accomplished. Now we can choose to clear and see the beauty of unconditional love.

    Just remember, when the word “love” is used, ask yourself: what type of love are we talking about? Is this of ego consciousness or is it love in its unconditional form? You will be surprised to see that it’s mostly lust; sometimes “love” but very little is it unconditional love. Enjoy your experience.

    Love and Light