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  1. The basic concepts of quantum mechanics are not hard to understand, they are hard to believe.

    My last entry in the short story contest was semi-autobiographical. Someone commented that the characters were not believable. I am unbelievable. I'm writing fiction. Is it a disadvantage?
  2. I figured it out at last. What's wrong with my stories. It's the stories themselves. Daaah.... Stories about silly people doing silly things are just not very interesting. So what are my options? Writing about people being horrible to each other? Nope, they have newspapers for that... and politicians. I'll have to settle for a nitch audience, if I can get one.
  3. The difference between science and magic is that science comes with an explanation.
  4. Another short story contest ended and I didn't win. I actually liked my story this time. I thought it was cute ( most of my stories suffer from cute) and I had never heard of someone sucking up a vampire in a dustbuster before and I hoped that was original. In retrospect I think maybe my reference to the Pinto automobile was dated and therefore no one would understand why the guard would have been falling down laughing. I've got to watch that.

    There was another run away winner this time which speaks of the over all writing quality. I didn't care for it due to numerous plot holes and it was one long train wreck. I accidentally voted for it and thankfully my vote would not have changed the outcome of the contest one way or another. This way I have one less thing to feel guilty about, I always feel guilty about everything, it's just my nature.

    I haven't got even the slightest idea what to do for the next prompt. I've been thinking but nothing about masks comes to mind.
    EFMingo and love to read like this.
  5. .
    Unfortunately, a person cannot reason emotion. The short story contest (through which all things are revealed) is once again going to the story which has the greatest emotional impact. Plot holes, lack of response to the prompt, predictable events etc. etc. etc. aside. A run away winner. So, how can I come up with emotions that I don't experience? In my world, emotional behavior means that you're just plain nutz.
    Every woman who cries to solve a problem or every man who reacts violently, nutz. Yet it makes a good story apparently. So, how can I drive myself nutz? At least enough to write a good story.
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