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  1. hi, we had to write ten reasons why we did or didn't like football in PE today as the class mucked around, thought i would post what i wrote here as i think it is a but funny.

    Heres my reasons

    1) it's pathetic
    2) it's just a game, why do people get so difencive?
    3) it's pathetic
    4) it's just a game, why do people get so involved?
    5) it's pathetic
    6) it's just a game, why does it need hooligans parading the pitch
    7) it's pathetic
    8 ) it's just a game, why do you need to support this team why do you need to support that team
    9) it's pathetic
    10) colchester united absolutly suck

    just have a look, and modify my post so it says the 10 reasons you like/dislike football
  2. Chapter 7

    It was a long and strenuous walk to where the queen was being held captive. All different kinds of terrain, sand, bog, off road and gravel. All up hill down hill. round this round that. But then, after days of constant walking, tom saw it, hell mansion the home of Randell the evil sorcerer.
    It was a tall dark building that lent slightly to the right, with windows so small you couldn't even fit your hand through. There was always a cloud hanging around the roof top as the house was so tall. It was in the center of a thick, dense forest with a 6ft black wooden fence round the garden.
    The garden was dead, with brown grass and dying wilting trees. In the center of the garden there was a path, with the only living thing in the garden on it, a tarantula it must have been about the size of an Av bit of paper. It was huge. You could see every last hair standing up on its back and right in the corner of the porch was its web. It was so big that tom could of sat on it.
    Tom was terrified then he remembered what dexter told him ' you can do any thing if you put your mind to it.' this gave tom the strength to do what he needed to do and get out of there. So off he went to do his job and save his mum, but the second he stepped in the garden, he new something was wrong.
    One of the spells tom was taught was a teleporting spell. You did this by closing your eyes and thinking where you want to go or who you want to be with. Tom did just that.
    He closed his eyes and thought to himself that he wanted to be with the queen, and when he opened his eyes he was stood in-front of her. 'Q-Q-Q-Queen T-T-Tabitha,' he stuttered 'is t-t-that y-y-you?'
    'yes my son, it is, you've come to save me, the prophecy is complete' said who tom thought was queen Tabitha, until she said the word 'prophecy'. Because from then her voice got lower and she started to change shape. 'R-R-R-Randell, what have you done with queen Tabitha?' screamed tom.
    'what, that old hag, who calls herself queen'
    'excuse me, that 'old hag' is my mother, the queen of crystal city and because you are holding her hostage, theoretically I have the right to kill you, what you've done is high treason Randell, and I'm not letting you get away with it, now where is she?'
    ' I'm not telling you, ner-nicky-ner-ner.'
    ' Shamus your lamus, now tell me where she is,' tom shouted while Randell was floating in mid air ' I could easily rip you apart, joint by joint until you tell me where she is. SO TELL ME!' he continued
    'I'm not tell.....' Randell said
    ' I said, tell me; NOW!' butted in tom
    'o-o-o-o-o-k-k-k-k-k, ok ill tell you, but on 1 condition, you get me down.' stuttered Randell
    ' you tell me, I get you down. Simple.'
    ' she is on room 72-72 on floor 6' replied Randell' as tom slowly hung Randell on the spike above the mantel piece and removed the wand from Randell's pocket.
    ' curse you kid, I new I shouldn't of trusted you'
    tom ran, he ran so fast that he could barely breath. He got to the 6th floor but their was no room 7272, he looked again, and again. But no, it only went up to 74, so he thought ' maybe it was room 72, and he just repeated himself.' so he looked in room 72 and before his eyes was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.
    She had long blond flowing hair and beautiful clear, sea blue eyes. With luscious red lips, Rosie red cheeks and the cutest button nose you could ever imagine.
    'Q-Q-Q-Queen Tabitha, is that you? But your...'
    'don' ask questions, just give you mum a big hug. Oh, and can you untie me please.'
    'yeah sure, your highness' replied tom
    'well I bet your wondering, how can I be your biological mother when I don't look old enough to even buy a can of red bull. Well the answer is, when your king or queen in crystal city, you don't age you can still have children but your looks do not change' tom was still in shock from seeing his mum, so young and beautiful so he just untied her and stood their with his mouth wide open.

    Chapter 8

    soon after the two arrived back at crystal city tom was crowned king. He had a 24 karat gold crown embedded with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Of course in the real world Tom is no longer in a coma unfortunately he passed away a few days after going into the coma. His family and friends miss him dearly and would do anything to have him back but he has a better life here.
    Some of you may of guessed, I am Tom. A forty year old man, married to Dexter's daughter Cindy. With two children; Samantha (who is current queen of crystal city) and Stephan who is getting married tomorrow.
    And well for Randell, he hung on that spike for many a year until the construction workers went to knock his come down and let him off. But he is an old old man now who is to frail to try any thing like that again. So hear I am. Writing the first of what I hope to be many of my adventures as king of Crystal City.

    thanks in advance for the comments
  3. Chapter 4

    slowly tom slipped into a long deep coma, and while he was in the coma he had that dream the one he was having before. This time it was different it was more realistic, it was like he was actually there. He could see himself as before, he couldn't. Just like before he heard the scream but this time something different happened. A map appeared in his hand and a message on that. It read 'sorry I had to put you through that just to get you hear tom, but it was the only way I could 'cos you didn't believe. You must believe tom . Or you cant save me. Please help tom. i need your help.' then the message vanished. Tom realized that the only way the queen was gonna be saved is if he saved her himself.
    Tom was walking for what seamed hours following the map it was if he was walking round in circles but then in the distance he could see a glow. 'Ive found it' he said and he started running but it wasn't getting any closer.' then another message appeared. ' don't run, it just gets further away' he then chuckled to himself and walked towards the city and to his amazement. It was a matter of seconds before he was at the city walls.
    Once he was at the city walls he thought to himself ' how on earth am I meant to get over that' then some bricks started glowing like a keyboard.'ah theres a password' he said to himself. Soon after, a message came up saying 'Please enter name here' so he did and to his surprise part of the wall vanished to let him in.

    Chapter 5

    As he walked through the magical kingdom he realized he recognized it. From a book, 'errrrm, the lost kingdom, thats the name of the city, the lost kingdom.' And from then as he walked through the city he believed less, and less, and less. Until there was nothing but darkness. And then a voice 'Tom help me, I need you to believe, please tom, yes its a book but it doesn't mean its not true. Please tom believe.' so he did and when he was in the kingdom he was outside the city walls again, this time they seamed different though. As if they didn't want to let tom in. like bouncers at a night club telling the under aged to go home. They leaned over him like colossal trees in the amazon rain forest. He typed in his name in and once again the wall vanished before him and he walked in, but this time it looked different, the houses were tall and thin, and made of all different types of crystal, rose quarts, amethyst, topaz and most of all; diamond. It looked amazing. With houses to the left and right lined up in perfect rows with a path going straight down the center, through the palace court yard and leading to the palace doors.
    Inside the palace court yard there were again more houses but these ones were, errrrm different, they had gardens, and in the gardens were flowers but the odd thing was that they were two made of crystal, you could tell what flower they were because of the shape and colour but they looked ten times more beautiful than in the 'real world' as that is what the local citizens called earth. They all ran up to him because they new he was different but they looked the same, the citizens of the lost kingdom (also known as the crystal city) looked just like humans. They looked the same, they live the same, and believe it or not they also had the same religions. There were synagogues and churches, temples and shrines but the only difference to earth is that all religions live in peace and harmony.
    As he walked down to the palace another message appeared on the map it said ' go to no. one thousand one hundred and eleven, he knows your coming' so tom did and believe it or not the man Dexter new he was coming.

    Chapter 6

    At Dexter's Tom sat down, had a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while Dexter told him about what had happened to queen Tabitha. He said ' basically, the evil sorcerer Randell wants to become king so has kidnapped queen Tabitha and is holding her hostage till she hands over here title as queen, he has taken every magical possession away from her so she cant even magic her way out' tom was confused, 'how has she been sending me those messages then and Dexter replied 'oh I forgot to tell you she can write any message on any thing with her mind, even if she doesn't know where it is.'
    tom was told his job was to fight Randell and free the queen but he didn't know how as he was only 13 but Dexter told him that he can do anything if you put your mind to it.
    This is where the story really begins. First dexter fitted tom's magic proof Armour (which looked like a t-shirt and jeans to you and me) which had room for a wand , some fairy dust and of course the most important, a real of fairy string(a mixture of fairy dust and flexie glue stretched so thin you can barely see it, oh I forgot to mention, it is the strongest substance in the known universe) all this fitted onto a belt attached to his jeans.
    Then dexter started teaching Tom how to use a wand tom was convinced he couldn't do it as he was just a normal London chap and Dexter looked at him in amazement. 'You mean you don't know' he said
    'I don't know what' replied Tom
    'that your a changeling, the long lost heir to the thrown of crystal city' explained Dexter. 'yes, when you were a child Randell swapped you with a real world child so you wouldn't be able to over throw him when he cheats his way to being king, then a prophecy was made that 3 weeks before your fourteenth birthday you will come to our lost kingdom and rescue Queen Tabitha from the evil sorcerer. You cannot brake the prophecy tom you can't.'
    It took some time in-fact 3 days for tom to get his head around the fact that he was a prince and next in-line for the thrown as well as being magic but as soon as he did he realized that he had to do his job.
    Shortly afterwards his wand lessons started again.'Shamus your lamus' chanted Tom, trying to get his head a around the spell and wondering why its not working. ' flick the wrist Tom be one with the wand.' they both chuckled quietly and Tom tried the spell again and this time with the flick of the wrist and tadaa he could control Dexter and all his limbs separately. 'I think thats enough for today don't you?' said Dexter while Tom lowered him the floor. 'I think your right.' Replied Tom.
  4. This is my first propper blog, I really want to pollish this up and lenghten it as I want to submit it into an online magazine I know. This was origonally titled the innocents race, but I changed the ending and the title didn't fit.
    heres chapter 1, 2 + 3

    Chapter 1
    Nothingness as far as the eye could see. where was he? Then he heard screaming, as if someone was shouting for help, he started running faster and faster and faster. Then suddenly, he stopped. He was there, at the wall. It was so tall, taller than you could ever imagen and he stood there, wondering what to do next.
    Then heard heard it again, the screaming, it wouldn't stop. But how did he get in. he couldn't climb over and there wasn't a door. So he walked round and round the perimeter of the wall trying to find an entrance. After about ten laps he stopped and collapsed against the wall and he heard a crack surly his weight wouldn't of broken the wall.
    The walls started moving, sliding apart to make a door he looked through them and saw a magical city but as he took a step forward the view started to change from that magical view to the sight of a dusty old room. He could see a woman, and a man. He couldn't quite see as the man was in the way but it looked as if he was torturing her with magic or something like that then he said, 'I Randell, evil sorcerer of crystal city, will be king and you Tabitha will be nothing but a mere slave of my fortunes. Mwah ha ha ha ha.' What was he talking about.
    'Tom, Tom.' he heard some one shout. He ignored it and kept listening, but then it happened again. He started walking to the man and woman and he slipped over making a load of noise but the couple didn't bat an eyelid, it was if they couldn't see or hear him. 'Tom, wake up Tom, its time for school.'
    He was awake. It was only a dream so he got ready for school and left.

    Chapter 2

    Night after night Tom would have this dream and he started to change. The changes were not noticeable at first but after a few weeks he started to become arrogant, ignorant and very argumentative and his mum was the first to spot his so she confronted him about it and said 'Tom I know you have been through a lot recently with your dad leaving and me having Emma and Kate but if you ever need to talk about things, about what happened with your farther and the stress of school just speak to me.' but this sparked a big argument and he started shouting things like 'you never cared about me,' and 'I wish you were dead.'
    His mum calmly walked up to him, sat down beside him and whispered in his ear, 'just hear me out, I'm going to take you to the doctors as I think you not well. I think you have repressed memories or something from when you were younger, you do know you can talk to me, don't you?' Again tom started shouting, calling her every name under the sun and then blurted out,' you know nothing about me, my friends, what I like, don't like, you hate me and you know nothing about my dream!'
    As soon as he mentioned his dream he realized what he had done and ran. He ran out of the house and slumped down by a tree on the field opposite his house, he stayed there for hours thinking about how he could cover up what he had said, but nothing came to him. Eventually he walked back and he stayed in his room for the rest of the night.

    Chapter 3

    The next day on the way to school tom felt something wasn't right. Something in the air, a gut feeling, or just the unusual tension between him and his mum. Know one knew and they still don't today but maybe some day someone will and that would make telling this story a whole lot easier.
    Tom was just an ordinary boy, a few mates here and their; family that live close by; that sort of thing. He didn't know it yet but the next few weeks were gonna change his life, forever.
    As I said, he kept having this dream. That the queen of a magical kingdom was in trouble. That she was being held captive by an evil sorcerer who was torturing her for some reason. He new that the dream meant something or he wouldn't of felt like this, but know matter how hard he tried to figure it out he couldn't work out what.
    The next day Tom's Mum took him to the doctors and per usual it was a waist of time as he opened up to nothing. The weird thing is, the doctor asked him to leave the room so he could talk to his Mum. He listened at the door and while he did, his mum said, 'He blew up at me the other day, he called me all the names under the sun, but thats not him doc' he's not like that. Then afterwards he said, something about a dream, and that I new nothing about it.'
    ' I can't do any thing about it, he didn't actually say anything to me so for all I know you could be making it up, I'm not calling you a lier or anything but believe it or not it does happen' replied the doctor.
    Tom heard someone push a chair a way and walk to the door so he quickly sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall and acted all innocent, even though his Mum new better.
    After the doctors tom went out with his mates. They had been playing football for some time but the group soon tired of the game and had wondered in to town. Thick-shakes and chips made up for their excessive activity on the football pitch and now the group slowly strolled in the direction of home.
    Suddenly Tom collapsed. His friends fussed around him, trying to find his eppie pen. He could hear his friends shouting at each other but he couldn't do anything. Slowly slipping in and out of conciseness. He woke up and he had no idea where he was, he couldn't move or see, he could just hear people rushing around him and his mum sobbing in the background saying ' my baby boys never going to be the same again.' tom wanted to get up and tell her every thing's gonna be fine but he couldn't and it tore him apart.
  5. hi

    hi this is my blog where i will post bits and pieces of my work wether it be fiction or nn fiction, you can read it and if you want pm me and tell me what you think :p