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  1. What does everyone think of this? Personally, I can't concentrate on one story for more than a week - after that, I just start writing icky plot lines, and I can't stand with icky plots.
    I need to have some different types of stories to distract myself - romance, hardcore fantasy, teenage romance, comedy...I need variation or I can't get anything done.
    Maybe this is why I never finish writing a story....
    Ah, well, one must do what one must do.
  2. So...I've recently gotten interested in stories with deep underlying intents about emotional things that everyone goes through - identity crisis, letting go of the past, things like that.
    I'm really interested in these kinds of secret meanings. :p I've just been randomly plotting a series of magic teen-targeted books with plots like this. I've been having a kinda writer's block lately, you see, ahaha. :redface:
    BUT I will start writing again.:)
  3. I really didn't know this place had a blog. Oh, well, its cool. :D
    But anyway, I thought I'd talk a little about my ongoing stories...
    ONGOING. Note that, people - ONGOING.
    But anyway.
    I have one that I'm working on that I haven't really titled properly, but I've got about 90 pages so far and still plan on going for about twenty chapters. Or thirty. Problem with me is, I just love making intricate plots. And I don't make them at the beginning of the story; I write a bit, then get inspired and write the plot, then write some more, then write some more plot. So it might get a bit long...
    Anyway, for that story - which I will call Mystic - I started writing it some years ago when I was still young and innocent and grammatically incorrect. So I'm starting to rewrite all my previous chapters into something more...coherent. The story itself is set in a modern day - though not much is about the real world - and is about a girl who works in a magical bookstore. Mmmm...yeah, I love bookstores. Always wanted to work in one. The genre is a bit unspecific; fantasy and romance, I would say. Romance, though, you understand, is only something that comes with a bang in the end. A surprise twist, you would say, except I just told you so. :eek:
    I'm not working on many other stories since I vowed to finish this one entirely before starting another one. But unfortunately, I couldn't resist. I've started a new one with no specific plot, but with solid-ish characters. And a general theme about fairy wings. The name, unsurprisingly, is Wings, with a fancy cursive font. :D