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  1. And i wanted to show off her abilities
    Don't worry she is leaning over my shoulder just now!
    How cute is this poem? It's for my little brothers thank you notes from his sixth birthday party (pirate themed)

    Just a note from me to say
    What joy we had on that faithful day
    Which held the pirate party crew at bay
    Aboard the SS Trouble

    On that day of party mirth
    Such gifts of treasure were bestowed
    Upon the hearty birthday boy
    Aboard the SS Trouble

    It just begs to say with true delight
    A joyous rant of pirate might
    A thanks for all your treasure
    From me and the SS Trouble.
  2. Nightmares

    Held close to flames on my skin,
    They burn and bite and scorch their way in
    Screaming, yelling, swearing, dying
    Tortures and pains, the gods blesses lying
    Tasting the heat, touching the dark
    Feeling flames leave bites on the heart
    Stepping away and pushed back
    Forever held in the same trap
    Knowing the captor, knowing his sent
    Knowing he won't let you go till you're spent
    Going forward to the abyss, trying to fall
    Pulled back to the torture of all
    Not able to escape the nightmare true
    So i may die, die because of you