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  1. Era of Darkness
    The Creatures

    This simple guide includes physical appearances, abilities, weakness, and other known facts about each of our enemies.

    The main race of corruption that now spreads through our land, the demons resemble humans. A demon can take on any form, whether it be a man, a woman, or the element of fire itself. Demons can be killed by powerful magical spells (fire does not affect them) and regular weapons if pierced in the heart. Demons weild the element of fire, and they use it in a multiple of ways. They only fight with magic.

    Dragons are very rare, but extremely dangerous. One cannot kill a dragon on their own - it takes tactics and strategy to take down one of the beasts. Dragons usually breathe fire, but some have been known to breathe ice.

    Fiends are a lot like demons, but they are not as powerful and come in larger numbers. They are a larger form of the Imp. Fiends are fire beings, and they are known for casting fire upon their enemies. They can be killed in any manner, but they are extremely fast and thus hard to slay.

    Goblins aren't really that tough, and they are quite cowardly. They fight with a sword and shield usually, but there are Goblin Shamas who weild magic. They, like the Fiends, can be killed in any manner.

    Imps are a smaller, more annoying version of the Fiends. They are also fire creatures, but they hardly ever attack. Instead, they taunt their enemies, sometimes driving them insane.

    Shadows are creatures of the night, and they come in the form of a human being, featureless and frightening. They can only be killed by powerful magicks. Unlike the other races, they do not usually attack with magic or sword, though they do sometimes cast terrifying spells at their enemies. Usually, however, they enthrall their enemies, taking over their bodies. This is done by sucking in the soul of an enemy by luring them in, and then taking over the body itself. The magic of a Shadow is very difficult to resist.
  2. My latest work is a short story called War of the Gods, consisting of 4 Parts. I've already posted Part 1, if you're interested:

    I'll be adding parts 2 and 3, which are finished, within the week. At the moment I'm writing a rough draft of Part 4, so be looking forward to the thrilling conclusion to War of the Gods!

    Plot Overview

    Calvus Asa and his four friends find themselves traveling in the company of the Knights of Khund, who are rallying against the evil Black Knights. As they stand against this newfound enemy, Calvus must face his dark past to overcome the Black Knights, and his friends must endure hardships of their own.

    While the humans fight, like the lesser beings that they are, the gods endure a battle of their own - one of their fellows has betrayed a sacred oath, and Talos, Father-God, is infuriated.

    To solve the conflict of the humans, a magical amulet must be found, The God of Chaos must be stopped, and the companions must overcome themselves if they are to suceed.
  3. As some of you may know, I started up a band in the spring, and we've already written the lyrics to two of our songs.

    We haven't written the music yet, but the lyrics are complete. We hope to start on the music in the fall. We currently have a lead singer, lead electric guitarist, drummer (me), acoustic and back-up singing, and bass. I'll be posting updates and such here. If you're interested, we're going to be a rock band, somewhat like Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or My Chemical Romance. (Maybe even a bit of Linkin Park). We're calling ourselves Rise of Afflicted at the moment, but we're also thinking of Cries of Affliction. Post any comments here, and they'll be greatly appreciated.
  4. My first short story entry, named Englador's Keep, is finally finished and posted! If you'd like to check it out, visit this link:

    So there are five young friends, lost in the forest. Doesn't that just sound like every other giddy fantasy tale? Well, it's not. They encounter a mysterious seer, an evil wizard, a battle, and strange magicks. The five companions will also face war amongst themselves, hatred, love, and death.

    I've been working on several short stories which involve these five characters, and may post them as well. So, like I said before, feel free to post your comments here.