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  1. So, I'm an M:TG player, among other CCGs. (Stop reading if that sort of thing doesn't interest you, or you'll just be lost xD)

    Anyway, the next set for MTG has a bunch of awesome looking/sounding things. I'm like super kid in a candy store excited. I'm PUMPED about this lol.

    The set is called Innistrad and features a dark, gothic, and almost Romanian Theme. It has vampires, werewolves, mostly dark ideology in the card names...(I heard some equate it to the awesome Underworld movies, inb4cardcalledBlade,VampireSlayer)

    You know what that means right? That's right! Halloween for MTG!

    *Theme song for Nightmare Before Christmas plays*

    At any rate it's very interesting. Here's a link of the 'spoiled' cards that you can view if interested. I'd love to hear your speculation so post a comment or 100.
  2. As summer approaches I start feeling more and more restless, during summer when I usually don't take classes staying up until 5AM is okay.

    However it's not so much fun when you have a class the following morning. Fortunately I only have a couple weeks left before my summer begins. Let's hope I ace that upcoming presentation, math test, formal report, and keep my sanity lol.

    Wish me luck.