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Blog entries by Faust

  1. So, I'm an M:TG player, among other CCGs. (Stop reading if that sort of thing doesn't interest you, or you'll just be lost xD) Anyway, the next set for MTG has a bunch of awesome looking/sounding things. I'm like super excited...like kid in a candy store excited. I'm PUMPED about this lol. The set is called Innistrad and features a dark, gothic, and almost Romanian Theme. It has vampires,...
  2. As summer approaches I start feeling more and more restless, during summer when I usually don't take classes staying up until 5AM is okay. However it's not so much fun when you have a class the following morning. Fortunately I only have a couple weeks left before my summer begins. Let's hope I ace that upcoming presentation, math test, formal report, and keep my sanity lol. Wish me luck.