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  1. A path chooses you with the life you take. But what if you dont have a path? Normality becomes a senseless game and money becomes a object, a desire, a greedy self obsorbing desire. I live in a world where the inside of the box is safe, accepted.

    My path gives me false hope to stability. I rebel in the laws of deceit and lies, bulldozing my path. I am a black sheep. Authority is questionable to my weary and distrusting eyes. Rules by a party with disearnt powers. Overthrown by the gullable followers in a bid to write and brainwash the world.

    Branded by class, i am sectioned. My opinion voiced out. My difference is tolerated, a money status lures the working beesup the heirachy of sucess. Wasting lives earning to live, whilst being judged by the angel on the pedastool. Never will it fall, it just grace's it's presence offering solace and virtue. If i close my eyes will it dissapear?

    A train ticket to anywhere seems to be the best way of escapism. For all we've been told and learnt nothing prepares us for the battle, the battle of normality. Normality's overated!! In sleep twisted and untrue, yet better than concousness. It gives hope and issues in the waking forgotton and bottled up. Left to float inthe vast everlasting ocean. To be found by a lost soul, hoping to find their way back home.

    My exsistence will be eternal through the descendants, although memories lost through the dark sinister age. they are never forgotton. Pherhaps remembered by a child's eye's. The child that will one day be a black sheep like me , one of the same. Eyes innocent and unaware to the world it's being raised in.

    My path degrades me, it sells me out. Shows me a polished window of forgotton broken dreams and hopes. Yet i fear when paths entwine and lock passionetly to one another . It hurts to leave, to forget the gold encrusted memories echoed throughout time. I yearn for simpler times, where society wasnt conflicted and judgements werent clouded by polluted and corrupt individuals. Difference is frowned upon almost like a witch trying to prove her innocence to the disadoring crowd.

    We are all mad in our own way others just dont show whom they truely are. But to hide ones self is to lead a different life. Wearing a mask for people a mask that shows who people want you to be and not who you want to be.
    My mask is on the age ridden floor, my morals in my heart. Difference is a virtue a freedom. I am a black sheep.

    Honest opinion on this would apreciate some feedback please thank you. :)
  2. New

    Hey so im new on here!! I like to write otherwise i wouldnt be on this haha. I kind of like to write deep things just about memories or a moment in time in detail and quite poeticly. I'd love to write a book someday as im sure most of you would. Any ideas i've started one it's kind of a thriller.