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  1. Relic dolls: these are the Relics of the past. Strange unexplained creatures that live for decades when cut open their blood is an unnatural colour. Often a Relic doll can be food almost anywhere. They don't openly state what they are because it often results in them being killed.

    Relic dolls have white skin. Their eyes come in many shades natural and un natural and appear glassy. A Relic doll will often have light coloured hair. If their hair has been luck enough to be perserved over their years of being buried or hidden. However it wouldn't be unusual for one to dye its hair for the sake of not being found out. They wear the clothes of which ever continent they choose to reside in
  2. The Humans:

    The most civil race, they are naturally diplomatic and fair. They are capable of trade with most countries and have a legal system that ensures justice is well given. While humans hold slaves they tend to care for them and treat them well having laws that ensure their welfare. The humans show thought before turning to anger and often provide aid to races in need.

    This country is easy to access, wetlands, ocean and forest mark the boarders here also.

    The humans settled in West Savoa for its water sources and farmland. War has put a greater strain on farming.

    A race keen to keep up with the Drakan, the humans often follow their fashion trends. Though humans will wear brigga and linnen shirts. Humans come in various heights coloring.
  3. The Heckling are the most magically advanced and have the most knowledge of the proper use of it. They understand it’s origins and boast the best scholars to teach it.

    The Heckling live in wastelands that are accessible only with knowledge waters fortified by cliffs. Heat enduring plants only. Only by the ocean are the Draycon the closest neighbouring country.

    The Heckling were handed a foul fate by the Draycon and were banished to the wastelands. They have adapted to the environment and thrive well in it.

    The Heckling are other wise known as dog ears elves. They have large ears that can either flop or sit at a side angle often there are tan coloured patches on their ears. Their skin is dark and they have hair that is either sandy brown to black in colour. There eyes are light in colour. Eye sicknesses are common in this race and it isn't uncommon to find a Heckling that is blind or has bad sight. They wear light clothe and addorn themselves with crude gems bones and feathers. Woman tend to embelish their hair with these items. Hecklings are on the short side its rare to find one over 5,4 in height.
  4. Poetry submissions update,

    Poetry: American magazine?

    Poems submitted: disease of the birds and Epithalamion
    Declined via email

    Twisted tongue magazine: English

    Poems submitted: Wandering death
    Status: not viewed as of yet

    Spark bright magazine

    Poems submitted: A lore unto himself
    Status accepted bio entered publication update will be added later on.

    Dark Gothic resurrected magazine

    Poems submitted: perfection
    Status Accepted. Publication due out in October.
  5. Draycon habitat

    The Draycon live within cities and towns that are often craved from mountains or built into them. To the unsuspecting eye they often appear inaccessible. The passages hidden and working there way upwards from beneath ground. Farms tend to be nestled within valleys and close to streams. These lands are still bountiful. The Draycon’s lands over look that of the humans. The Draycon chose to settle here due to the protective location and plentiful lands.

    Draycon renowned

    Being the more inventive race the Draycon have weapons that appear like staves and are loaded with rune magic making them a ranged weapon. Poison masters in Draycon are renowned for creating poisons that do incurable damage.

    Draycon population

    The Draycon are the biggest race, half of Tetesie’s population is Draycon. The Draycon’s main city is Ardious.

    The drakan have humanoid forms and have a ranging height of any where between 5.8 and six two. The have hooves and all have wings however are flightless (you'll learn why later.) they have horns that can be either patruding nubs for females or large goat like horns for men. These are found above the ears. The drakan wear bright colored robes and adornments. Men often carry ornate swords and the females large daggers. The skin color is often pale and a drakans eyes are often hues of black brown or tawny. Their hair can be just about any natural color.