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  1. I have an itch...and itch I can't scratch. One of those itchs that takes another person to help fix it completely. Like a roleplay partner. I miss my old ones. They we're really cool people. I need to bounce ideas off someone badly. That is how crazy this day has been. Saddly no one here is really into that stuff from what I've seen. Makes me a little sad but not to fear, I guess. -yawn- I like how my blog posts are so short. :D
  2. So I tend to do lots of random things, some make me happy, some make others happy, and some just tick people off. I write what I feel, or try to convey it as best as I can. For all I know you could take what I say and twist it around to make it look like I did something wrong. Well that’s your problem and not mine. I don't care a lot about what people tend to think about be, whether it be I'm too childish or I learn way to quick. I seem to be myself most of the time; I might change and become someone else entirely, because that is always so much fun. I've done some pretty crazy things, I've done some pretty stupid things, and I've done some pretty boring things. Life to me is just life in that you live it the way you choose to but don't dare think you'll ever be able to live the same one twice. That’s difficult. :D I'm sometimes two completely different people, the one that cares and loves and listens, and then the one that is crazy and hurtful, and all out mean. I try not to be the second one but I have my days. I hope if you're reading this, that you don't understand this random bit of rant, because if you did, you'd be crazy fo sho. Maybe I'm writing this because I'm too tired to actually stop my fingers from doing what they want. They have plenty to say believe it or not, sometimes they keep me up just so I can finish a post for a story or finish up a character sheet. And they just died, I'm forcing them to type now so maybe I'll look at this tomorrow and delete it or tweak it, or delete it. :) Till tomorrow blog readers...g'night.​