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  1. is this my first blog post? i think it is...

    not much is going through my 'typewriter' at the moment, lots of different things being scribbled on paper however

    i realised while listening to Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry' that i have been going really great mentally lately, i've had some pretty big problems with Depression this year but things are looking brighter...

    in Australia the holidays are upon us and i'm going away for a week; which is bad news for the personal war i am waging with a friend on my forum ( ) to see who can make more posts, he is a senior member and i am admin. i am currently winning.

    haven't been doing much on my novel lately, pretty pathetic of me really, i am planning on entering it in a competition later in the year.

    speaking of competions i entered one to illistrate a shakespeare quote, when the deadline passes i'll post the link so you can... vote for me? please? if you like it of course

    nothing else to say really...

    elspeth allison signing out