This blog is strictly going to be poems, feelings, stories, and songs. I write a lot in a "little black book" that I carry around with me and when see something that inspires me or makes me sad, i write about it. Could be a poem, a song, or just a random thought. I am going to share some of these with you on my blog here.... I welcome all your comments as I have never shared this stuff before with anyone..;)
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  1. Ok here is another from my "black book" that I actually titled: The New. Kinda a mix between a song and poem, but since I am only just learning to play the guitar, has not been put to music yet, but I still have no chorus, just a poem right now...

    The New

    The new eyes, the new smile
    The new feet, walking the new miles.
    The new hate, the new love
    The new push, the old shove.
    The new call, the new talk
    The new path, that long walk.
    The new fear, that weird feeling
    The fake answers, with no meaning.
    The new kiss, the same lips
    The same ****, on a different list.
    The new rain, the old pain,
    The same girl, no more flame.
    The new way out, the same way in
    The same smile, leads to the same frown.
    The same lies, the same excuse
    The new gun, that can't shoot.
    The new me, the same you
    The new skies, no more blue.
    The blank stares, no more cares
    The emptiness, I do share.
    The new change, the old face
    The same man, in a new place.
    The new quiet, the new friends
    The new break, now it's the end.
  2. This is a poem I wrote a little while back. I am not a poet, I do not publish anything, i simply have a little black notepad that usually goes with me everywhere and I write poems, songs, random thoughts, journal entires, and sometimes draw pics. This is one of things in it: (I welcome all your comments)

    (The title is in the poem, only reason why its titled) Echoes of My Mind

    The echoes of my mind
    Keep telling me that it's time.
    Time to put it all down,
    Flip the script upside down.
    And reverse the pain that I caused,
    The hurt, the sorrow, the loss.
    Give back everything that I took,
    Start a new chapter in a different book.
    Flush the pills, the green, down the drain,
    Flush all the poison killing my brain.
    Start all over in the afternoon,
    Just one problem, I don't know how to.
  3. I am goin to start posting my poetry on here and see if anyone notices. I was confused as to where I should post it in order for people to see it. So hopefully people will be able to see it now! blah blee bloom blahh