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  1. Not many have heard of or understand what a 'blogbook' or 'blovel' is. That is why I am here to tell you everything you need to know about them.

    A blogbook/blovel starts out as an ordinary blog. You can use any blog service out there. Or there is even a site dedicated specifically for 'blovels' called

    The only alteration from the tradtional blog is the fact that your entries will in fact be fictional. Rather than an online journal or other non-fiction postings, you use your blog to tell the followers a story.

    Yet like a blog, your postings should be kept to a minimum word count. Usually not exceeding 750 words per post. A braver soul with a more solid following might be able to go up slightly past 1,000 words. The challenge then is to post an interesting and satisfying mini-story or chapter to your story in those 500-1,000 words.

    There are a few warnings that I must bestow however, to they who wish to undertake such a venture.

    First and most importantly, as with any time you post your work anywhere online, you must understand that you are giving up your first publishing rights.

    It isn't impossible to find a publisher for your book after posting on a blogbook/blovel, but without your first publishing rights it will add another setback if you are trying to break into print.

    Which brings us to my next and final warning, followers. For many first time writers, they judge heavily on themselves based on the opinions of others. And so I must warn you that like any blog, it is very hard to gain a steady group of followers.

    So do not judge your abilities on the lack of followers at the beginning. Instead find creative and subtle ways to advertise. Mention it in your journals here, or try a site such as There are plenty of ways to get your story out there.

    For instance, I can link you to my blogbook Ellaven right now. There is always an opportunity. Be selfish in this respect.

    I hope this has helped you gain a better understanding on blogbooks and blovels. Perhaps you have even been inspired to start one yourself!