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  1. Script

    The film starts with the camera showing someone’s shoes as the man is walking, with
    inspirational music in the background that motivates one. As it shows the man’s shoes while he’s
    walking, the credits that play in the beginning of a film are shown on screen. The man is shown walking
    for a few minutes, with the music and credits also there at the same time. After a few minutes, the man
    stops, and he is shown at the gates of his high school (James Heights High School). The gate opens, and
    the man’s face is revealed….it’s Jack (the main character). Jack is shown holding a school bag in one
    hand, carrying it around his back. He envisions himself as being a hero, making a heroic entry as he
    walks with the bag. While he walks towards the school, he imagines that everything and everyone
    around him has turned into a red carpet movie premiere, with him walking on the red carpet and all the
    people cheering his name on.

    Camera zooms in on Jack, and he is shown waving to the crowd. The camera then zooms in on
    the waving hand of Jack, and camera starts going downwards and shows Jack, and it shows him being
    transformed back to his school attire, and his smile turns into a frown, and the red carpet audience goes
    back into being the students. The movie stuff was all Jack’s imagination.

    Random student to Jack: “Suuppp loser!” and this student throws something at Jack.

    Jack gets hit but keeps walking on until he reaches his class. Before he enters the class, a few
    girls are shown laughing at him. People are doing this to him because they don’t like his clothes/style,
    he is from a poor family. He is wearing a ripped white t-shirt and ripped, tight, black jeans. The camera
    is in a position making it seem as if it is focusing on Jack looking at something. He is looking at the
    teacher before he walks in class. He enters class, and the camera shows Jack, then the teacher, then the
    class. As Jack walks to his desk, classmates are laughing at him. He buries his face into his books to try to
    ignore the people.

    Teacher: “Jack! Since you’re late, I want you to answer this next question. What is the answer to
    30+100-5 x2+8-7X6X0?”
    Jack “Ummmm, uhhh……….(takes a random guess): is it 1000?”
    The class chuckles.

    Teacher: “I will ask you the question again, listen carefully. What is 30+100-5 X 2+8-7X6X0?
    Jack: “ummm, uhhhh (his face starts blushing and he starts to sweat a little) uhhhhh, is it……..2000?”
    The class breaks into laughter.
    Teacher: “Jack, remember when I told you to listen carefully? You should have. What was the last part in
    my question?”
    Jack: “multiplied by zero?”
    Teacher: “Exactly. By High School, it should be common knowledge that any number or numbers
    multipled by zero equals zero. Which means, the answer to my question was zero”
    Jack: “oh…..i somehow missed that (makes an embarrassed face)”
    The class laughs more.
    Teacher: “Not good Jack, not good…..”

    The sun is shown starting to set, and Jack is at home (this takes place after school). He goes to his
    house, a house that seems like it was built 30 years ago.

    Someone in the house starts yelling Jack’s name. The camera shows the man’s shoes as he is walking.
    Jack turns to look at the person, and then the camera slowly turns to face the other man, who is Mark
    (Jack’s father). He is a rather obese man. He starts walking down the stairs towards Jack.
    Mark: “How was school?”
    Jack: “Bad”
    Jack then right away walks into his room. The camera then zooms in Mark’s face, and he has a sad look
    on his face, and we get emotional music in the background.

    Mark enters Jack’s room, and he sees Jack sitting with his face buried in his hands.
    Jack: “I’m a failure”
    Mark: “No, you aren’t a failure. You’re a good kid. So what if you’re different? You will achieve success in life depending on how much faith you have in yourself, not based on how much faith other people have in you”

    At that moment, as the camera is showing Mark and Jack, we hear sounds from the television in Jack’s room.
    Commercial from TV Ad: “Ever dreamed of making it big? Ever dreamed of silencing your critics. Ever wanted to be…..a movie star? This is your chance. Movie auditions are now being held at RR Colliseum here in London. The hosts of the movie audition will be directors Rick and Ross. The winner of the audition will get a chance to play the main leading role in a film directed by either Rick or Ross. Go, give it a chance…..become a movie star!”
    Throughout the whole commercial, Jack and Mark’s eyes were glued on to the screen.
    Mark: “Jack, there’s your opportunity…..go seize it!”
    Jack smiles.