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  1. Please I need criticisms. I'm just starting to like the craft of writing. :p

    One ordinary summer night of April, I was supposed to sleep on my bed when suddenly cold breeze entered my window causing me to shiver. I didn't mind it and I closed the window. I went to my bed and closed my eyes. When I was about to enter Dreamland, I heard footsteps coming to me. I opened my eyes and to my surprise, a silhouette of a guy flashed to my face. He closed my mouth with his cold hand which deter me from shouting.

    He opened the lights. I was flabbergasted when the guy in front of me said that he was Edward Cullen. The man every girl dreamed for was right onto my face. I scanned his stunning pale face, and his eyes, were vulnerable. We stared each other for a few seconds. There was a deafening silence. Until he spoke with a low voice.

    "I'll be right here beside you, always. I won't let anyone hurt you."

    After he said those words, he put a stygian necklace on my neck, and then gently kissed me on my lips. I can't speak that time because of astonishment. I thought the time stopped when he kissed me with his soft lips.

    That morning, I woke up and thought that it was just a dream. Edward Cullen was just a fictional character, he can't be real. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I looked at the mirror and to my surprise, the stygian necklace Edward Cullen had offered to me was on my neck.

    Am I still dreaming?