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    What to do when you feel your country is no longer built on Christian values (See Bill of Rights)? I cannot tell you how many times I hear people complain about the United States government as of late. I, living in the midwest, the heart of America and all I hear is how good it used to be. No amber waves of grain, No, God shed his grace on thee, am not hearing about liberty. For some reason the resounding cymbal continues to be how our Christian nation is going down the drain and no one is doing anything about it. And of course let’s make sure we do everything we can to rub the Obama card on everyone and say “I told you so!”

    Maybe this is you? Maybe you have heard these slicing comments about our current president and lawmakers? Maybe you haven’t said them yet but they are building inside of you? I dunno what you have inside of your brain but let’s not forget history. Read Fox News vs Obama.

    My mind instantly zoomed toward the Roman emperor Constantine. What an incredible time period! A Roman emperor converting to Christianity and expanding Jesus throughout the empire. A breathe of fresh air for Christians at this time after they had been the prized paper view slaughter pieces the Romans were showcasing. Seriously, they were the $49.99 click on me button to watch human blood and brains splatter.

    One minute a Christian was used as a volleyball amidst a pride of lions and the next, Constantine is celebrating these followers of Christ. Constantine in one sweeping motion, slaughtered those who were slaughtering Christians and bestowed Christians with gifts and freedoms. Very similar to Moses delivering the Israelites. Freedom was restored to Christianity and Constantine expanded the Kingdom of God on this earth (as was his interpretation).

    The question to think about is:
    have we looked back into our history records to find out what will happen next and prepare for it?

    Can we be happy with freedoms still granted to us?

    What do we do when we see a new pattern of change?

    Change is inevitable, so how can we tactfully maneuver through it?