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  1. Chapter 1
    By the end of sun set water stay still but winds blew steady. James headed back to the house that gave him comfort and security. Opening the creaking door to see all the lights were out. Straight through the dark flies a cat, clawing up his face. “Who brought this idiot in here?”

    “James you know better than to yell during sleep time”, said Tom

    “Why is there a stupid cat in here?” said James as he wiped his face to see blood smeared across his hand.

    “Well as I was having a pleasant walk back from the mine fields, there was a familiar sound coming from the distance. I stumbled around searching for the source and my eye caught on to this big crack, which was much larger than the others, so I crept up to it and saw glowing eyes. I figured it had to be a cat and brought it right back here.”

    “That’s a touching story, really” said James

    “You know James, sarcasm is ignorance best friend. Don’t be an ignoramus.”

    James became tired of his Fathers words and by the time daylight broke he stood at the front door looking around feeling this would be the last time home would exist for him. The road up ahead had a bus stop that went to anywhere and everywhere James wanted to be as long as that didn’t bring him back home.
    The world is an open adventure and James is wasting no time setting out to find his life story. He decided no matter where that bus was headed he would take a leap and find where it takes him.

    “James, hello?” said Tom looking around the house expecting his son to be home for three more hours. Then he found a folded up paper on the coach, creased up vellum smelling like pencil dust. The headline said (finding me). “Dear dad I left this way to keep things from becoming complicated because I know that if I would have said bye I would not be on my way to an adventure.

    The water calls me, ocean sounds are the only thing that can sooth my disturbed mind. To think I have never been outside of this city is ridiculous. We have traveled for about five minutes and already nothing looks familiar.

    Arriving to Medford Massachusetts the train came to a stop and outside bags full of oranges were being handed out. James sat there thinking, “That is weird. Who gives away free fruit?”
    Jumping to the platform James began approaching this woman with the oranges who caught his attention before the train had even reached the station.
    He began to walk towards her, long brown hair blowing through the afternoon air covering half her face. He got even closer and the sun was setting as she faced towards the west, light hit her face showing concern and great distress while begging passers to buy.
    He approached her and she began to blurt out the same words when he stopped her.

    “What is wrong beautiful?” asked James

    “Oh I don’t think so” said the woman

    “Get out of here your joking right; you can’t be insecure with such a perfect complexion.” Said James

    “Please either buy some oranges or leave me alone” said the woman

    “I’ll buy every bag so I can speak with you” James smiled as she did the same.

    It was completely dark when they had finished there conversation. James asked her about town and she gave descriptions that really put a picture in your head. He went down the stairs almost falling because of 10:30pm.