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  1. Mein host, whom I grew up with....

    His parents made him wear orange to school on St. Patrick's Day. We don't live in a particularly Irish area of the US, of Chicagoland, but it was a tribal statement. I didn't know (Oh, hi there Steggy!) that Catholics were Christians when I was growing up. Of course, I have yet to see a Second [Methodist/Presbyterian/Baptist/] Church [of Christ], so what the Hell do I know about these things....

    Anyway, he told me that his kids play with the Moroccan kids next door, and the Mexican kids across the street, and the kids down the block who have two mommies and no evident daddy, and that they are utterly unfazed by this.

    And my friend, my old friend, the first person I ever got in trouble with, when I was four, for trying to take all my Tonka trucks down the (dead end) street to his house without checking with Mom first...

    Do you know how long it takes two four-year olds to move a fleet of eight Tonkas half a block? We'd cleared the property line before being taken into custody.

    He's worn bracelets more times than he can count without taking off his shoes since, but that's irrelevant except not, since the other day he showed me his prescription card for something that he used to be an amateur enthusiast of, which now helps him with the nerve damage from the accident.

    Where was I?

    All of these things, all these things I support and agree with and vote for and yes, this is right,



    One of them trips my childhood mental triggers as WRONG WRONG DANGER WIL WHEATON WRONG OUTCAST LEPER UNCLEAN.

    The future belongs to the future, we many, we unhappy few, just need to step aside and let history move past...
  2. When "the Lord" or "Lord" is invoked without further detail specifying which Lord is being addressed, all inquiries and requests will be routed to the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid.


    Check your assumptions before you criticize the bling.
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  3. I can tell my mood by the way I walk.

    Yeah, I know most people can probably tell their moods by, well, checking their moods, and I can too, usually, but there are times when I feel alright but I notice that I'm walking parade-deck style, people diving into traffic because I'm squared-up for a fight but in my head I'm just replaying the last episode of Anpanman*
    that I watched back in 2005 or so, or I'm just mulling over my class standards for academic year 2019 but I discover that I'm slumped over like I've got a bodybuilder's weight kit strapped around my neck and I realize that I've got to figure out what the boys in the subconscious are up to and fast because there's something wrong down there. Or other times when I find myself actually bopping down the street, yeah, I usually know what's up with that, I had a story breakthrough or the court finalized my execution date or some such, but...

    Wait, this has got nothing to do with walking.


    So I decided to post something positive, little bit about those Thai kids getting rescued out of the cave and nearly ended up fetal/catatonic in a puddle of tears about that SEAL who died in the effort. Good job and all, and it sucks that he died, but there's something else going on here.


    Twenty words of the contribution I made fifteen or so years ago to that Wikipedia article have survived the edits to the present day. I'm not going to tell you which twenty though :)
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  4. I didn't much like the movie Vanilla Sky, but it's the example that comes to mind right now (if you haven't read The Execution Channel by Ken McLeod. If you have, you'll have a clearer idea of what I'm getting at).

    There's so much going on in the Debate Room news these days. The US president's unconventional, and some say dangerous style of leadership, climate change, the World Cup, earthquakes and flooding here in Japan, Nicaragua has deployed a high number of internal checkpoints for what reason I know not, I'm sure you could post a dozen things happening in your own sphere of interest, but these past couple weeks I can't shake the feeling that somehow that little story that keeps popping up in the background, those Thai boys trapped in the cave, the retired Thai Navy SEAL who died trying to save them, their teacher a former monk training them in meditation techniques to reduce oxygen consumption in their little bubble of air down there deep in the earth, that that's going to be the big reveal, that was what the story was about the whole time, we just didn't realize it because it was on the channel the bartender switched away from to catch the footie, the autoplay video in the sidebar that we muted, the story on the side of the newspaper that faced the camera, not the MC....
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