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  1. When "the Lord" or "Lord" is invoked without further detail specifying which Lord is being addressed, all inquiries and requests will be routed to the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid.


    Check your assumptions before you criticize the bling.
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  2. I can tell my mood by the way I walk.

    Yeah, I know most people can probably tell their moods by, well, checking their moods, and I can too, usually, but there are times when I feel alright but I notice that I'm walking parade-deck style, people diving into traffic because I'm squared-up for a fight but in my head I'm just replaying the last episode of Anpanman*
    that I watched back in 2005 or so, or I'm just mulling over my class standards for academic year 2019 but I discover that I'm slumped over like I've got a bodybuilder's weight kit strapped around my neck and I realize that I've got to figure out what the boys in the subconscious are up to and fast because there's something wrong down there. Or other times when I find myself actually bopping down the street, yeah, I usually know what's up with that, I had a story breakthrough or the court finalized my execution date or some such, but...

    Wait, this has got nothing to do with walking.


    So I decided to post something positive, little bit about those Thai kids getting rescued out of the cave and nearly ended up fetal/catatonic in a puddle of tears about that SEAL who died in the effort. Good job and all, and it sucks that he died, but there's something else going on here.


    Twenty words of the contribution I made fifteen or so years ago to that Wikipedia article have survived the edits to the present day. I'm not going to tell you which twenty though :)
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  3. I didn't much like the movie Vanilla Sky, but it's the example that comes to mind right now (if you haven't read The Execution Channel by Ken McLeod. If you have, you'll have a clearer idea of what I'm getting at).

    There's so much going on in the Debate Room news these days. The US president's unconventional, and some say dangerous style of leadership, climate change, the World Cup, earthquakes and flooding here in Japan, Nicaragua has deployed a high number of internal checkpoints for what reason I know not, I'm sure you could post a dozen things happening in your own sphere of interest, but these past couple weeks I can't shake the feeling that somehow that little story that keeps popping up in the background, those Thai boys trapped in the cave, the retired Thai Navy SEAL who died trying to save them, their teacher a former monk training them in meditation techniques to reduce oxygen consumption in their little bubble of air down there deep in the earth, that that's going to be the big reveal, that was what the story was about the whole time, we just didn't realize it because it was on the channel the bartender switched away from to catch the footie, the autoplay video in the sidebar that we muted, the story on the side of the newspaper that faced the camera, not the MC....
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  4. Effective immediately, whenever a "god" or "God" is invoked, unless otherwise specified, the deity mentioned will be assumed to be the Sumerian god of Earth, Air, Wind, and Storms Enlil, who sits broadly on the white dais, on the lofty dais, who perfects the decrees of power, lordship, and princeship, the earth-gods bow down in fear before him, the heaven-gods humble themselves before him.

    We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    All Hail Enlil (left, with sceptre)!

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  5. This started as a response to the Movies - What did you think about the last movie you watched thread, but got long-ish so I'm putting it here.

    Two nights ago 50 Shades of Gray came on the cable and I figured what the hell, I'll give it a shot.

    Eight minutes. Probably not even that, since the cable company runs a couple commercials at the hour when the show is supposed to start, but it was eight after when I started screaming at the TV. Do I want to see a fucking dishrag get treated like toilet paper for two hours? And an incompetent dishrag at that. Did anyone notice that her roomie was too sick to do the interview but was fine when she got home? And I know that the film isn't a fan favorite of the BDSM community, but can you get more dull and inane and predictable than having a boy billionaire who needs to be in control everywhere, even the bedroom? And no, sex isn't or shouldn't be a zero/sum game, women aren't objects to be conquered but still where's the achievement in a handsome (I assume so, I'm a terrible judge of male looks), fit, and insanely rich man dominating an insolvent doormat!?! At least show him with someone who's somewhere on his level, or even better, flip that tired old script and have him wearing the middle-aged French maid's uniform while she pegs him fucking senseless. Not my thing either, but it would certainly be more amusing than watching the lord of our modern feudal manor beat a peasant for two hours.

    So I made it to the twenty minute mark, right after he kidnaps and strips her, flipped over to a re-run of Top Gear, and passed out.