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  1. Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen


    John Henry Parr

    Joy Miller

    Rachel Corrie

    Walter Scott

    Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes

    Ahmed Bouchikhi

    Freddie Gray

    Darwin Lee Judge

    Otto Frederick Warmbier

    Neda Agha-Soltan

    Cameron Todd Willingham

    Alan Turing

    Renee Shin-Yi Chen

    Clarabelle Lansing

    Mary Ward

    Ye Meng Yuan

    Shannon Michelle Wilsey

    Brian Douglas Wells

    Elisa Lam

    Steven Parent

    *the Book is neither comprehensive nor completed
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  2. So a week or two ago I turned off my angry political FB account for a while because I realized the world was gonna go to hell whether or not I kept track of the details. Kept my "friends who are decent people, senior citizen family members, etc" account open though, and now my only feed is filled with glurge like this:

    Which is fine until you realize that with about 7500 generations of "humans" and common ancestry with chimps and baboons, if you go back far enough there's almost certainly a rapist or seventy back there saying "Who gives a shit what she wants, boy, continue the line!" and an equal number of bruised and battered victims staring into the future with empty eyes, seeing that birthmark, that crooked index finger, that smile that twisted his face as he grunted and panted atop her inside her before leaving her lying in the dirt, in her own blood, to deal with the consequences of his actions for the rest of her life...

    "Be still."
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  3. “Delta 3, status check.”

    “Delta 3, we're fi—n”

    “Delta 3, did you say you were fine, or you were fighting?”

    “Delta 3?”


    “Delta 3 10-4—“ BEEEEEEEEP “Delta 2, Delta 20, signal three code three, 742 Evergreen Terrace.”

    “Delta 20 10-4”

    “Delta 2 10-4”

    “Channel 9 North units hold all non-emergency traffic, Delta 3 is out with a blue 94 Chevy two-door, 10-28 foxtrot tango sierra one three six nine break”

    “Plate comes back to a [REDACTED] out of [REDACTED], Delta 3, status check.”

    “Zebra 5, one in custody”

    “Zebra 5, channel is closed, where are you?”

    “Zebra 5, I'm out with Delta 3, one in custody.”

    “Zebra Supervisor to dispatch, I sent 5 to help.”

    “Zebra Supervisor... yeah, thanks, umm, Delta 2, Delta 20, take a slowdown, looks like things are under control.”

    “Delta 20, 10-4”

    “Delta 2, 10-4”

    “Channel 9 North units, feel free to resume normal traffic. Dispatch out.”
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  4. I don't believe you.

    I don't ask you to believe me.

    But I'll do my best to treat you as you wish to be treated, even if I think you're full of shit, so long as that shit isn't spilling over into my life and messing with my day, and in doing so, I hope I'll have kept my shit out of your day.
  5. My alarm wakes me from dreams of Weimar street fighting, but these take place no on old sped-up black and white newsreels but the vivid colors and shaky cellphone cams of YouTube, police hovercraft spilling their skirts to blast protester and counter-protester alike down the street, thugs in makeshift riot gear tapping their shields to an internal rhythm before exploding against their opposite numbers their opponents their enemies them a man using the American flag as a spear a club bashing some cowering wretch into the pavement and I've been awake seven minutes now and it's Thursday again just Thursday but I don't want to check the news, not just yet.

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