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  1. God

    please forgive me
    i know you don't need me
    but i need you
    and i love you
    yes i do
    you are one god
    and our god
    please don't let me sick
    or from your mercy don't kick
    me away
    cause i need you
    and i love you
    yes i do
    cause when the world closes it's door
    your mercy is what i'm looking for
    I need to love you more and more
    please don't leave me lonely
    cause i need your only
    please make me see the right
    through the fight
    i'm going on
    i need your eyes
    to guard me
    I need your hands
    to cover me with your mercies
    or to move on my dreams
    and to take away my fears
    please please
    I need you
    don't leave me lonly
    cause i may die only
    god i know you don't love me
    but i love you
    you may not forgive
    but may my tears
    heal my sins away
    and make me pray
    and i know you don't need me
    but i need you
    how much shame i feel
    when i make you anger
    so I ask for your forgivness
    will you forgive me
    cause i love you
    god you know how much happy will i be
    when you forgive me
    or show me
    that you still do
    love me
    i 'm in need of you!
  2. Hey , let's start
    why do you try
    to keep me away
    i hear your calling
    and i 'm falling
    why do you wanna fall me down?
    and keep me away from town
    It's town of my dreams
    it's moon after fears
    it's wing to my flies
    don't Spread lies
    Why do you wanna fall me down?
    and keep me away
    from my way
    and not to stay
    in your arms and pray
    don't make me sick
    and from your way don't kick
    I need I need I need you
    I need I need I need you
  3. There are dreams inside
    and out of my mind
    I can see them trying to fly
    but they fall i Don't know why
    i try to catch them but
    they leave me to cry
    i miss my soul away
    they steal it away
    sorry i can't stay
    here any more
    that's not what i'm look for
    my sky is dark
    i can't find my art
    I miss my heart
    with this hurt
    can you help me?
    I need you
    can you help me ?
    or should i die soon?

    I can't see the moon
    should i dream
    or get down a tear
    don't leave me now
    cause i need you

  4. There's no doubt that bordem kills us eachday we pass ,it's a diease , it makes you feel down
    all the time ,we all suffer ,it has different thoughts ,there are people think it 's normal or it's a life ,some might think it's disappointed and makes them depresse , but we all have same problem ,i didn't find a cure , but i find message i should tell everyone about ,enjoy your life as you can ,change your thoughts ,even have a shower and make bubbles by soap, relax yourself underwater , until you may get into sleep ,don't watch tv alot ,don't listen to music a lot ,enjoy every minute ,you live cause it may be the last moment you'll have ,do whatever you love to do ,go out and breathe air , to be honest when i started to write this , i felt little bored ,but now i 'm flying
    I hope you enjoy it