My Poetry is intense and in your face. Just like me! I heal through writing so pain is often what inspires me to type.
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    Greetings to all who read these words! I pray you have a blessed day...

    Perfect Love And Perfect Trust
    May you know peace of mind and a spirit connected...
    May love and laughter fill your days and nights...
    May you know joy in your heart and gratitude in your spirit...
    May you always be true to yourself and your word...
    May you accept life's lessons with dignity and grace...
    May you teach others what you have learned...
    May you use your knowledge and talent for the greater good of all...
    May you respond to others with respect and concern, free of judgment and resentment...
    May you always notice the beauty surrounding you...
    May you know balance and harmony with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants...
    May God show you to perfect love and perfect trust...
    Written by Becky Jo Gibson © Jan 2004

    I hope you enjoy this poem...Please feel free to copy it and send it to the people you love! Just remember to leave the written by text in the poem with the ©.
    Be good to yourself! God Bless...
    Becky Jo
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    The End

    Rage towards who was once the only man for me.
    His words echo, ripping open my body mind and soul.
    Aware time heals reaching for blind eyes that see.
    No one but me can ever make me whole.

    Stretch out my limbs to work out the kinks.
    I notice my body seeps slowly my blood.
    Searching for anything real, find the missing link.
    My feet take me nowhere, emptiness floods.

    His eyes, smile, the movement of his lips.
    His caress, slap, pinch, kiss, all fill my mind.
    His smell, the chemistry that moved our hips.
    His voice, soft touch, rough love, one of a kind.

    These are the ghosts that keep me tied.
    My heart knows there is nothing there for us.
    When I sit with this I feel part of me has died.
    Struggling to accept the end of our lust.

    Blood pours from my center dripping down.
    Pain has no limit taking my peace of mind.
    I scream his name but there is no sound.
    Take my suffering and allow me to unwind.

    Give me back my sanity and just let me be.
    Open my heart without it breaking in two.
    Show me how to be free of him give me the key.
    I beg, plead, crawl, please show me what to do.

    Written by Becky Jo Gibson Sept. 07©