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  1. Hi,

    My name is Matt. I recently have just joined this forum. It a great one, just for your FYI. The first day on this forum i have put a peom on here called " The Connection". Check it out!:D. I dont have any writing experience but i hope one day that one of my poems will be in a magazine. If i every had something published would probably be under 'Matthew F.V.C' but, sadly i haven't so i guess you can't see what i have written.

    There are 6 main factors/ things you should know about me. They are:

    1. I am a naturally happy person but, i do get mad maybe once a week.

    2.I can get annoyed easily.

    3. My life is filled wth obstacles but somehow i overcome them in a matter of days or weeks.

    4. I have awesome friends and amazing family. I could get mad at them every once in a while but i forgive them easily.

    5. I really stubborn.

    6. Other than writing i love to read and draw.

    Well that is all you guys really need to know about me. Ciao, Italiantaco07(Matt).