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    Now, for some reason the site won't let me post any threads, so I have to place any of my work on my profile, so here's a bit of abstract poetry. Hope ya dig it


    Think il go see the stars in the night
    And hear the dark whispering to me
    In an instinctual sence*
    There's nothing like the solemn glow of the moonlight
    Listen to the lonely cawing of the raven, speaking to lost souls
    Returning the resonance of desolation and despair
    The ominous howls of the pack of wolves, searching out a morsel to devour
    A cloudless night rendering the sky naked and star filled*
    And the moonlight dimming the hour
  2. Stumbling towards the stables, dry earth crunching under the pad and fall of my boots. I could still smell the
    roasting Body of the swine, the delicious centre piece to a Luxurious banquet, mixed with the sweet aroma of
    Freshly brewed wine.
    As I reached the doors, I heard softer, more delicate foot steps close behind me.
    I turned to see, and made out a figure in the darkness, not standing to far from me.
    It was her.
    The girl from the banquet, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders, and gently over her potent red lips and icy blue eyes.
    She walked slowly towards me, her dress falling loosely over get legs,. She approached closer, and pushed me
    against the stable doors, and began kissing me, and gslid her Tongue into my mouth. I felt her warm, soft embrace against me, as she moved to kIss my neck. Her touch was un worldly, and I closed my eyes with the pleasure. I
    Didn't care about Jessica, not right now, at this moment it was only me and her, together in this moment of passion.
    Then, the pain started.
    She pulled up and looked me in the eyes, began to run her hands through my hair. She looked away, and I could feel get sadness.
    Looking me deep in the eyes, she whispered 'I'm so sprry'
    Jolting my head to one side in a swift, aggressive
    movement, she opened her mouth and terror ran through
    my body. Staring at me where a pair of long, razor sharp fangs, and she sank them deep into my throat.
    I frantically tried to push her off, but she was so strong, she had the steered of atleast ten men. I couldn't think, all there was was the pain, the feel of going cold, overwhelming anguish and sorrow. Growing weaker and weaker, until she released me, and I fell to the floor.