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  1. I'm liking the area, I've met a couple of people I get on with, a couple who I find weird but it's all part of life haha
    Yesterday I went for a stroll in the surrounding forest, was really quite, I didn't hear the usual noises one would expect, squirrels running up trees, birds flapping in the leaves even the light breeze you would normally see ripple through was eerily absent. Never the less I think it's beautiful and will continue to have my daily walks there.
  2. Had a walk around the town centre today including the old railway station, it is still in use but it's a historic building with a lot of history.

    Some of the locals are friendly and some are quite distant, the same anywhere you go I guess, I asked my new neighbour if he had any recommendations for places for me to visit. He said the river Dee is nice but there is nothing to see in the surrounding forest so not to bother going there. I will though at some point, want to make my own mind up about the place

    Bye for now
  3. New surroundings new beginnings?

    I saw that the forums have a section to write a blog and thought I would have a go, sorry if it appears incoherent I don't usually do much writing. Not even sure what to write about.....

    Guess ill start with most recent events, I have just moved to the Leamington Spa area of the West Midlands (I'm from London). I have moved to this part of the world due to work and nothing was holding me back so what the hell. I didn't have a great childhood so I guess me moving also serves has a sort of escape from reality, I can reinvent myself.

    I have rented a nice little flat not far from the town centre and I will get to exploring my new surroundings over the coming days. I will post on the blog when I have something worth writing about, it seems soothing typing this.

    I'm not sure if anyone is reading this but if you are, thank you and ill try and post only interesting things :)
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