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  1. For some reason I just can't seem to move toward school. I think it has been ten minutes since I'm just starring at the school gate entrance. *hears voice getting closer* Oh boy! I know those voices. They the school bullies and for what I have seen them doing to others including me too. *starts walking away, around the school* I'll just try to avoid them like always, just hope they don't notice and follow me. I have let them have their way too much and from today onwards I doubt I let them. Things are changing too fast for some reason and I feel like it shouldn't be this way. I wonder if there going to be some consequences. I'll have to start preparing for anything good or bad. I have never been at the back of the school. It looks better than the front gate. It feels peaceful, really quiet. I think I have found my new get away place. I wish I could stay here instead of going to class. But I cant I made a promise I'll try to do well in school and not get in trouble. Mm... Who did I promised to? I hate this. I don't know what's worse not knowing who I truly was or trying to remember everything. I'm afraid to find out. I feel like I made myself forget everything for a reason. What could be the reason? or who? *yawn* I'm feeling really sleepy. Well look at that tree, it looks perfect to take a quick nap under it. Just hope no one comes and sees me or wakes me up. *falls asleep*

    In a dream:

    Is that me sleeping under that tall, round, beautiful pink tree? I looks like it is but how am I seeing this? OH who is he? Tall but I cannot see his face clearly. That body of his! Wow, I can see that he keeps himself in shape. Not too muscular and not skinny either. In a way just right. Goddamn! Oh wait... why is he getting closer? Is he going to lay down next to me? *blush* I can't see his face that clear but I can tell his smiling and that sweet smile. Seems if his looking at his love one. Lucky her. Lucky her?? But that is me!! Could he be my, my, *clears throat* my beloved? No, no it cannot be right I mean I'm He seems one od those guys that are really handsome and popular. I don't think a guy like that would like me that way as a friend yes but more I don't think so. Yup, that's all it is. *looks closer* What is he saying? I can't hear or tell a word. *gasps* He just KISSED me! I seriously don't know what to do but it seems it don't matter if I do something or not. It looks someone else is coming. who could it be this time? Another handsome fella? *smiles* Wow look at this one ab out the same seems a bit different though. His aura looks like... *looks at the tree* The tree seems more beautiful, with more color. And the small flowers they look amazing! I know this tree it is one of my favorites. Cherry Blossom. But it is not any ordinary Cherry Blossom. I kind of feel connected to it. Somehow. *trying to reach the tree*

    Voice 1: What do you think you are doing?

    Me: *jumps* *turns around*

    Voice 2: Why do you care? And its non of your business so turn around and go the way you came.

    Voice 1: Because I care and I'll make it my business.

    Voice 2: Why don't you just go back and leave her alone. She doesn't need you. Because of you a lot of bad things have happen to her.

    Voice 1: And you think I don't know that! I care about her the same as you do. I just can't help it okay. All I want to do is be near her. At least that's what I have been doing even if its from afar.

    Voice 2: You know she's falling for you. I know her all my life and she's falling for you. she doesn't want to but she is. Slowly but she is. You know you two can't be together.

    Voice 1: I know that. That's why I have been taken my distance. I don't want her memory of that night come to light.

    Voice 2: I know what you mean. I still can't shake that off of my head. I bet you are the same. But for her to remember that boy and that night, it will like living it again and to awaken that power. She couldn't control it then. All she has to do is hide her true power and try to not stand out. In a way she feels like a fugitive running, hiding but from those that seek power and from those that want it for evil. She knows what she has to do. she doesn't know why or how it happen. I just hope we can continue having a so call peaceful live.

    Voice 1: *looks at her/me*

    *Bells ringing*

    Voice 2: Lets go before she wakes up.

    They both leaving. I wonder what they were talking about. hmmm..... What did he meant by that night?

    *bells ring again*

    Voice: You have to wake up and go to class now. Soon you'll know of that night. So make sure to remember and wake up. Wake up

    *turns to look*

    Can you see me? But how? The others couldn't though!

    Voice: No they could not see you or hear you. But I am different. And you have to wake up and go to class you're already late. We both are. *Smiles and walks away*

    Wait who are you?


    Me! How can that be? wait *trying to reach her* Don't go yet, I have questions. Everything fading away!
    What is that noise and that voice.

    *opens eyes*
    *gets up quickly*

    Me: Shit I told you to wait!!

    Guy: You haven't say anything and I was just doing you a favor okay.

    Me: *blush* Oh no, sorry I, I wasn't talking about you I mean to you. My bad I guess that I was sleep talking. *looks at him* *Blushes more* * turns away* Do I know you?

    guy: No You don't know me and we are late to class. Which pretty much I don't care about it but I guess you might a little maybe.

    Me: Oh damn! I am late!! I got to go, Thanks for awaking me.
    *Runs off to class*

    Guy: I guess she hasn't remember everything yet. Guess I'll have to wait a bit more my beloved.
    *he smiles sweetly*
    when you suddenly wake up from a loud noise, but you are not sure if you were waking up at the same time as the loud noise happened and scared you wide awake. what are the odds of that right. not a lot. I can't be thinking that there is something there, like a sign or whatever. Aaah I'm doing it again almost overthinking of every little thing that happens around me. Its just that I cannot help doing that, it became a habit. But the thing that I just can't let go is that dream I just had. Mmmmm.... Remember? Remember. Remember! *sigh* Am I supposed to remember something? what is it? Maybe the dream? I think I should start writing down everything I dream or what I can remember from them. Maybe there's a clue in them. what could it be? ugh! I have more questions now. I think I should stop thinking about it and do this homework that I didn't finish last night.

    *siting down*

    I hate homework. I wonder who invented it? Well I have ten minutes to d this before I get to school. Oh no! its raining and today I have to go walking. *gets up* I don't remember if I have an umbrella?! I have to cover my tattoos and I don't want the make up to get all sloppy? bad? disappear? I don't even know what word it is. I am totally lost today.

    *stops to realize what she said* WAIT WHAT!!!!! I AHVE TATTOOS?? BUT HOW?? THEY CANT JUST APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE! CAN THEY?? *Shakes head* I have to calm down, maybe this is one of those weird dreams I have been having lately. right. RIGHT!! OHMYGOD! Who am I talking to anyways. mo ones here so WTF!! Okay, okay. Breath in. Breath out. *hears a voice* "Remember" *looks around* I think I'm finally losing it!! *walks around back and forward nervously*

    *On the verge to cry*

    Alexa: What did you just said?!

    To her surprise or mine I didn't wanted to turn around but I knew that she will eventually find out. But its not like I was keeping it a secret right? Okay, here it goes. *turns around*

    Alexa: *gasps* what happened? when this occurred? Do you know? Do you remember anything?

    Me: No, I just woke up not too long. I was gonna do my homework but started to overthink about my dreams and the word "Remember" and I saw that it was raining and started to think that I didn't know where was my umbrella and I said something about covering the tattoos and it clicked and I started to freak out just like right now. * takes a deep breath*

    Alexa: ok okay just calm down and keep taking deep breaths. Sit down and I can explained it for you. well part of it.

    Me: you know? but how? what!! what's going on!

    Alexa: Please try to stay calm and sit down okay. For you to star to see and remembering pieces of your past so sudden. Its a bit alarming. Something must be going on. Wait right there ok I'm just getting something from the room. *walks away to a room*

    Me: to see and to remember pieces of my past? My past what? *thinking deep* MY PAST LIVE!!!
    Could it be?

    Voice: yes your past live or important OUR past live.

    *gets up quickly*

    I think I AM going crazy. always talking to myself well who doesn't talk to themselves right? But to the point of listening a voice. I surely wont say anything or people will think I am actually crazy.

    Alexa: what are you doing there? come here and sit down. I have to show you something.

    Me: what's that?

    Alexa: you could say it is a magic book. This book will open up and reveal everything you hid away and everything you sealed.

    *grabs book and opens it*

    Me: Its blank!

    Alexa: At the moment but for every little memory you gained the book will only show it to you and just you. no one else. You can keep the book with you and when you think you might remember something open the book and it will show you. well more or less is like it will return that memory of that time and how it happen or how it got to that. You know the before, during, and after of that memory.

    Me: Something is telling me that maybe by the end of this week I might have fully remember everything.

    Alexa: *shocked*

    Me: Alright then it is time to get this cover up and go to school. We already gonna be late so let try to hurry up.

    Okay I think everything is all set and now its time to go to school. * hears the thunder* Oh yes! that's my weather alright. The cold rain and wind with the beautiful lightning and music to my ears the thunder. I haven't seen a storm or the weather like this. After a storm the sun always shines brighter. And yes after all this I will shine brighter and finally put all the missing pieces together. I don't know why I never have question the life that I was living in before knowing this. Its like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wait I remember a long semi-dark hallway. A grand door at the end with light trying to get out. Blood, more blood and a promise. Love and betrayal. friends and enemies. Peace and war. Oh my head! I think a side effect to remembering most things so soon are headaches and a lot of emotions boiling up. Don't worry Zakura you're strong and you can handle anything. You have in the past, you are in the present and you will in the future. No one and nothing can stop you anymore.

    *stop at the entrance of school*
  3. who would of have thought that a small storm would come this evening. Specially with the hot nice weather we had this day. I couldn't help myself but to be happy yet sad. It felt as this storm was speaking to me letting me know something that I should know, or is it just my imagination going wild once again. I felt like the storm was a part of me. A piece of so many unknown pieces of me. I don't even know what I'm saying or thinking. I think I'm reading too much of this beautiful, calm lightning storm.

    Wait what?? A lightning storm??? Just seen how the lightning spreads in the sky with its beautiful color, it just gives me this feeling in my chest. Is it a warm, happy, sad, empty, exited feeling. I can't tell which one is it. But I love it, I just love this feeling and this storm. Oh the feeling of the cold rain coming down, the flashes of the lightning, the noise of the thunder, and the feeling of the wind passing by. Al these elements make me feel whole or that there are still a lot of pieces missing. I have the time of the world to find them or should I say to find my self. Oh no!!! the storm!!! its clearing... I feel sad that its gone yet I feel recharged, it gave me energy somehow.... is it strange or normal?.... I could say something but I rather not. Alexa should be home soon and I should get ready to sleep. I feel like tomorrow is going to be a special kind of day. *smiles*

    Is this my old childhood school? mmmmm..... It is!! But why do I always dream of this place. Dream of the same stuff yet kind of different. But today I can tell is way different then the others. Oh a teacher!

    me: "Hello, I used to come here when I was a little girl. Today I just decided to come and see it again."

    Teacher- "yes I remember you, you came 5 years ago here to visit too."

    I remember that I came to visit around here but I'm certain that I DID NOT came here. But then again this is a dream. So I'll just go along with it I guess.

    me: "do you mind if I just look around?"

    Teacher- "Oh no I don't, go ahead you are free to look around and do as you pleased."

    me: "Thank you."

    Seems like not a lot has changed yet its different. Oh I remember this classroom. After this everything changed. This feeling what can I called it. I feel like a lot of battles, heart breaks, lives, a lot of things happened here. *tears coming down* oh great now why am I crying. But what did I just said right now?? what does that mean. I feel like I have travel here for a reason. What is that reason!! I think I should go with the flow of this dream. All these feelings that I feel is amazing. Like I can........... OMG!!!! *blush* wait why am I blushing??? I feel like I should know him, that he, that he is, that uuumm..... shoot what is wrong with me. Just turn around and keep walking away from him and keep looking around reminiscing long lost memories of my past lives. Past LIVES!!!!! *looking around nervously*

    Him: "hey, you finally came."

    me: *staring blankly* *shakes head*

    Him: "You don't remember do you?"

    Me: "No, but I have this feeling in my chest that says yes."

    Him: '' I have being coming here to see if I could meet with you."

    Me: "to meet me?

    Him: "Yes, I have travel through out time and space. To come help you regain what was yours or taken from you. I know you don't understand it yet. But soon you will. You came into a dream of mine and asked me to help your former self to regain a part of yourself. A part of yourself that you left with me long time ago."

    Me: " A part of myself? Came to you in a dream?" *looking confused*

    Him: " I know its confusing at the moment but soon enough it will make sense. The time that the world needs you will come when you at least expected. And you need to be prepared for it."

    Me: " ok, ok. How can I prepared myself. How can I gain and unlock my powers. After that fierce battle we had to protect the kingdom and to make sure nothing happened to the prince. We had to break all rules and use that forbidding spell to not die. Who would of have known that our enemy was that powerful and deceived me like that. I hate myself for hesitating like that. I shouldn't have let my feeling come to live. I should of have listened to you."

    Him: " You starting to remember. I wish I could of have known too. who would of have thought that he was the enemy. But I'm sure something happened to him to end up like that."

    Me: " I think I know what happened. That day that he was kidnap and about to be killed. I was there, I couldn't just watch and do nothing. I tried all I could and when I saw that he was about to die I jumped in and the blade went through me and him. I just had one look at him and felt a connection. I felt something and from there on we all changed. I unlocked all the powers at once and became what people described as a celestial being."

    Him: *hearing some type of bells* " Its time for me to go. I'll see you next dream to start the preparations." *kisses me gently*

    Me: *heart thumping* *smiles sadly*


    I closed my eyes and tries to hear what he says. But as always I cannot hear it. I feel like she's waking up or should I say that I'm waking up. Hope I can remember this dream and continued to dream about it. It is time I remember and unsealed all of my memories and powers. Remember its time! ITS TIME!!
  4. *walking down the hallway*
    It has been two weeks since I started school and you could say everything is going normal. Maybe because I have avoided some student that I felt they wanted trouble, in other words I avoid everyone. Its not like I done want any friends it's just that I feel it is better this way and this past days I have felt weird. My dreams seem more real and intense. Some are good dreams the others are just nightmares that wakes me up in pain and crying. Since that has bein happening Alexa has being keeping me company at all times. She also has said that the time I have being waiting for is coming and that maybe those dreams are just not dreams at all. That made me think even more. If they are not dreams and if they are my memories........
    "ugh, my head"
    everything is more intense and more out of this world comparing it beside how I have being living these past months.

    Next day:

    Alexa: * thinking* I wonder when the day will come when she remembers everything or when her powers return. She has been having dreams of her life before we came to this planet. Yet she was the only one that lost her memories. Maybe its a side effect after trying to protect the kingdom and making sure we travel safe to this place.
    *sees me* "its almost time to go, have you finished getting ready?"

    Me: *stares blankly* "what did you just say?"

    Alexa: "Its almost time to go to school, are you done getting ready?"

    Me: "no, I mean almost but what did you said before that?"

    Alexa: "I didn't said anything."

    Me: '' Are you sure, you didn't said anything about me?"

    Alexa: *confused* Like what?"

    Me: "ah, nothing. I thought you said something but it might of being my imagination."

    Alexa: "perhaps, you heard what I was...."

    Me: "well look at that its time to go to school. Lets go Al I don't want to come across those trouble makers at school." * leaves the room*

    Alexa: * looking happy and lost at the same time* "You finally remembering."
    *runs out the room*

    At school:
    Alexa: " I have to go ahead of you. I have to meet the director today about some paper work that we haven't turn in yet."

    Me: " okay, I'll just take my time than."

    Alexa: *leaves*

    why is that I can hear what people are thinking. Is this one of the power that Alexa said? If it is I wonder what else I can do. I knew I was different than everyone else and now I'm starting know it is true. Should I tell Alexa? Maybe she will finally tell me everything. My dreams, in them I could used magic and had a lot od powers. Maybe I do have those powers and with time I will finally have them back. I think its time to find out about what I can not longer remember.
  5. It all started after waking up after an accident, with no memories, no idea who I am, and where I was, or even I didn't recognized anybody and myself as well. I still haven't gotten used to this life, for so many reasons it feels awkward and so forceful. It has being a month since then yet nobody wants to tell me about what happened. Its like they hiding something from me, something I should not find out or remember. The more they avoid the subject to it the more i want to find out. Since it hasn't being to long I know I have to rest for now and get 100% better. Once I'm fully recover I will investigate.
    Two months later....
    It has been three months now that I have being having the same dreams, they all repeat each other over and over again. Even though they are just dreams, something feels very familiar. They're not just dreams, they feel like my lost memories.*laughs* What am I saying "my lost memories" *smirks* ha ha ha only because I don't remember anything and since these dreams I have been having feel a part of me. They make me feel complete. Yet I should know these kind of dreams are impossible to be real. Dreams from far apart worlds, a prince with a kingdom to protect, protectors with wings, and the rest I have not yet know how to explain. I think I should start writing every dream I have.
    *knocks on door*
    *voice* "Is time to get ready for school"
    *Gets up quickly* oh crap! I was over thinking everything again. Why does this always happens to me every-time I think about those dreams?
    *Arriving at school* *Looks around*
    apparently my so call best friend also my roommate, we go to the same school but for some reason we had to transfer. I was told that my family is very influential in the business and non businesses as well. even though a lot has happened I am glad I have her with me. There are times that I have blackout completely and I do stuff I don't remember but I always have her to protect me and keep me calm. There is something odd about it but I some how complete trust her with everything and anything. I have a lot of questions but the time for all the answers will come, eventually, so I am not in a hurry. Like she told me I have to get the most out of everything, there is no hurry and we have all the time of the world.