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  1. Terrorism. Something you hear on the news nearly every day. People of the same species, The human race, violently harming or intimidating others. Honestly it's a shame. Terrorists don't stop and think about what they're really doing. They're tearing families apart, emotionally scaring young ones as they watch their moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, along with close friends being violently tortured or killed. Terrorists don't take the time and think.. "What If I was in their shoes? Would I want my family, friends, community and myself to go through something like that?" It's really a shame when you stop and think about what humanity is forming into. I mean why can't we just live in peace? It's something much rather prefered than living in constant worry over your loved ones's lifes and your own life isn't it? People say then why are you bombing other countries It's a give take situation. No it shouldn't be like that. You shouldn't be giving and taking at all, in that form. Then again all of this blog is just my personal opinion. I just needed to rant about it. My prayers go out to Norway victims, and their families. :love: May God be with you.
  2. (:

    Has had an amazing week/birthday :D Thanks for all the bday wishes again :) Tomorrow will be the only day this week that I've not Been somewhere.. Thank God I need an rest. x_x Err, Sunday Im going swimming at the lake though :D Lol, Lifes going pretty great at the moment in spite of all my downs :) I've got alot of ups in life :D Anddddd The blogs are back uppp!!!! :D
  3. Today Is going rather well, I had an amazing time at church, Which makes me wish church was everyday. :) I hope the rest of today goes just as well, And the good thing is I only have eight more school days left. Four days this week and four days next week and we're out! :) Wooo, Summer vacay... :)
  4. My norton 1 month trial has ran out, I've only had my new computer for about a month now as well. I was wondering if anyone knew a good FREE computer protection software thingy. lol, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. So, Last thing i'd remembered was being tired.. lol Next thing ya know, Im waking up with my face slammed into the keyboard of my laptop and the sad thing is I have Key tattoos :) haha The keys are now outlined on my face but they'll go away shortly.. Hmm. Now i'm not tired.. :) Lol. what to do what to do... Write a poem! xD lol.