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  1. Love is simple there is no calculating and analyzing it, it is what it is, true, unconditional and eternal. Love is the fabric of the spirit, a network of strings that form simplicity. Love is so powerful and magnetic that it pulls whatever you want to your feet. Power that can be pulled from the universe can bring whole galaxies into your hands.
    If this energy is pure love this energy will take you anywhere you want to go, this energy leads everyone back to what they really wanted out of this life, immaculate health, financial freedom, happiness and bliss, inner peace, and spiritually enlightenment. We all crave for it but don’t know where to find it. We look outwards into the cosmos, into oblivion, when the answers lay inside us. Everyone will have the same conclusion we are all looking for it and for a certain time where the body cannot explain it tells you those things are not real.
  2. We have searched for answers beyond our reach, those important answers that we yearn for. At times you cannot explain what you are reaching for, but you know something is there. You cannot see it you can only feel it, if you cannot hear it, what makes it real. If you cannot taste it, why do quench its thirst, if you cannot grab it with your two hands, what are you really reaching for?

    If you have searched your whole life and found nothing what was the purpose of all your searching. If you looked everywhere; was the search more important than the destination. If there is a destination what is the use of searching or weren’t you paying any notice. Along the way what did you learn about yourself? What did you encounter as you went along? What did you find?

    If you have not begun to look, tell me who are you? Why are still alive? What power gives you breath? If you do not search for the answers where are you going? What keeps you moving if you have no love or faith? What is the basis of your existence if you know nothing? To know nothing is to know that you are not living, you are just waiting to die. If you die one day what happens to you?

    What drives you to give when people need your help? What stops you to give someone a hand when they ask you? If you cannot control yourself from being service to others what force pushes you to be so charitable? What is that courage that overwhelms you to save someone’s life when in danger? If you didn’t know that person or who he or she was, why save them? Would the decision have been any different?

    If there is darkness, there is always light. If there is negative energy then there is positive energy. If there is doubt, soon will come faith, if you send out love; love is what you will get back, where there is questions then there will always be answers. If Chaos is noise, than harmony is silence, if you are reaching out, something is reaching back. Where there is God, there is always you.
  3. dreams are visions of the future influenced by the past experienced in the present
  4. "the UNIVERSE is enormous; it is BEYOND comprehension, this mind cannot even explain, it is indescribable. So wen LIFE brings you down always remember that the same POWER that exists in the cosmos is INSIDE of YOU"

    Jesse James the Outlaw
  5. " Music is food for the blind, wen non believers are hungry
    and searching for purpose they crave music, music is a drug.
    Highly addictive when taken in high amounts. It can be intoxicating,
    where it attacks the nervous system, and there it causes permanent
    change. Music has lasting effects, it's supply is endless.
    what is the world like for someone who is deaf, music
    is such a wonder, sometimes it can be taken advantage of,
    abused and mismanaged. However, when put in the right hands,
    Music can be a fine ass lady, where her every curve is perfect.
    When you look deep into her eyes you can see her soul.
    So good you can taste her perfume, so good it was meant to be,
    Music is sound in its purest form, like a diamond, or oil,
    but can be sold like cheap petrol. Music is what you make it,

    some are in it for the money,
    a few wanna start a family."

    your biggest fan,
    Jesse James the outlaw