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  1. Would you believe that Evan and Ryan’s dealer wears an ACDC halter top?

    No, I wouldn’t either, but he does.

    And that questionable stain at the collar really bothers everyone. No one will let me ask about it, I guess, because he’s emotionally unstable. It didn’t seem to matter though did it? He had a nervous breakdown and showed up for the party to fuck shit up with excellent timing.

    Fuck that Flowers dick.

    –xo, Codi
  2. If I could pick the two most annoying people in the house, I would say Abi and fucking Ino. They never shut up. Everyone thinks I’m obnoxious? That’s fucked. Those two are always chattering away at one-thousand miles per hour and laughing hysterically to themselves over shit that doesn’t make sense. And I’m trapped rooming with them. Thanks, Puke.

    Maybe I’ll ask Ryan to let me in with him. I can’t handle this shit anymore. I mean, Abi and I got along at the first party. She wasn’t too bad–even though she’s the one that got me fucking shot–and if it wasn’t for her tripping over the piss bomb, I wouldn’t have been arrested–so I guess Abi is a little fucked. But all of us are. I don’t know. Maybe I just have to get used to them.

    And BPC? They’re done. They crossed the fucking line.

    Big time.

  3. It just hurts so fucking much.

    21 years,

    and I'm so fucking tired.
  4. I've always loved the theme of madness. I don't know why, it has always intrigued me. My novel's protagonist is a good character. She has suffered a great deal of tragedy but remained in idealist and optimistic beliefs, even when they are challenged by more tragedy within the story line. My protagonist is also of an "evil" clan's blood and therefore, she has the disadvantage of genetics urging her towards darkness.

    She is going to pull through and still be the good guy, I believe but I can't help but what if--

    What if she doesn't take the good path? What if she falls off, spiraling into darkness, and becoming the enemy or the "bad guy" herself? I really like the idea of an "evil" protagonist. Should I test this idea out in a short story? I don't know. I'm talking to myself on here I guess...
  5. I have slept for days. I am now finally awake and it is 6 am. I am bursting with unnecessary energy and I would love to use this energy to write, but unfortunately, it is physical. I cannot sit still, I cannot keep my attention on one thing longer than a few seconds. I can't even read a paragraph through without my mind wandering away, distracted, tumbling into its own dimensions.