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  1. Word of the Day

    Definition: (noun) An annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event.
    Synonyms: trial, visitation
    Usage: His own long and unhappy experience had convinced him that life is for the most part a painful tribulation.
  2. Darling, it's Christmas time again.
    Memories flood back, of the time we spent in pretend.
    You never had a family, and knew the laughter under a tree.
    Pretty packages with tinsel and gold, a warm heart,
    while outside the earth was covered in snow.

    So many questions you pressed,
    knowing more, was really less,
    Happy Holidays Honey,
    Let me make your dreams come true...
    I'll write you a chapter or two,
    dreams really do come true.

    The family you dreamed of,
    hugs, kisses, children on your knee.
    I can make all your dreams come true
    My written words, will let you see,
    what a family on Christmas eve is really like.

    Shed the wheelchair honey come, take my hand.,
    Fly in spirit with me across time, and land
    See your beautiful children, ready for Santa.
    their nose against the window pane
    Your beautiful wife, your one desire of life.

    Christmas eve, a yule log,
    children worried, Santa lost in fog.
    You stay up late, counting the batteries.
    Having each toy together in place.

    Let's just pretend,
    the sky is the limit.
    I can make your every Christmas dream come true.
    Home, hearth, and family,
    things you never knew.

    Shed the wheel chair honey,
    let me write you a chapter or two,
    making all your dreams come true.
    fly in spirit with me across the land.

    No need to be blue this Christmas,
    If you Believe it, you can have it.
    Your Christmas will be so grand.
    I'll write you a chapter or two
    Now don't you be blue, darling.
    Your every dream is about come true.


    Notes from the Author
    written 2006 ~
    Dedicated to Robert Rhodes (Salty Bob)
    Aug 3, 1955 ~ July 30 2007
    My forever friend ~
  3. Enchanting Eloquence
    Melody of your song,
    this madness between us,
    can't be right or wrong.

    Captured by desire,
    your notes take me higher.
    Lovely darling,
    sparks ignite our fire.

    Prisoner of passion,
    delights of the flesh,
    Enchanting Eloquence,
    your a answer must be, Yes!

    Notes From The Author:

    Writen based on Phantom of the Opera
    @copyright 2005
    Jewels In Autumn
  4. Word of the Day

    Definition: (adjective) Persistently calm, whether when facing difficulties or experiencing success; not easily upset or excited.
    Synonyms: imperturbable
    Usage: Professional life-savers need to be calm and unflappable.

  5. Quotation of the Day

    I prefer to be true to myself,
    even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others,
    rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.

    Frederick Douglass (1817-1895)