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  1. Into the murky water I wade

    In and out of consciousness I fade

    The cement on my feet are much harder to lift with each step I take

    All the lies and broken promises make me want to beg Medusa for a quick bite

    from her most poisonous snake

    For me there is no way telling what lies ahead

    However ,I can you tell that its better than all the bull**** Ive been fed

    Life can be pleasant if you walk through it with eyes shut

    But if you go through it eyes wide open you realize that its gonna screw ya like a two bit slut

    Their is an exception to every rule

    The problem is ,if you believe that than you really are the fool

    I have to make a decision, do I keep on walking into my watery grave

    and release myself from the horrible things that way on my mind

    Or do finally give in and start to walk through the rest of my days blind