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  1. Umm... well... yeah...

    I recieved a commerative Doofus picture the other day. framed and everything. as well as the magic card that a co-worker and co-magic player made for me. and i deserved both.. i think.

    about a week ago i was working on my car at the workshop at work. i do it there because of the access to tools. anyways, it was about 10pm at night and we were just getting into things, but one of the cabnits had been locked. i had to go home and get the portable jig-saw.

    my car was in pieces so i hopped into my dads F250 (Huge MotherF***er of a 4x4/Truck) it was parked on the nature strip. i put it into drive and off i go. clunk. bang. splash.

    yep... I ran over a fire hydrant. never even saw it. the bonnet of the car was just too big for me to see over the top of.

    so i reversed off it and the metal top shot off about 3 meters into the air and landed on the bonnet of my dads truck........... thankfully it didnt make a dint. but it did break his third F250 Nose Guard and it left some grubby red marks...

    then we were left with a 30 foot high fountain of water. we notafied the police.. ect ect.. to cut a long story shot... after tweaking the truth, i got easy. i could have lost my licence for 6 months for reckless driving... instead i got a $150 fine and no demerit points for not have propper control of the car.

    so then came the work BBQ the next day, which was for an entirly different matter... and there i recieved my commerative Doofus picture.

    i dont think i'll hear the end of this for at least another 6 months.
  2. Ok, so i know that i haven't been on here long, but i thought i'd tell you about what i do. i run a small scale record company/recording studio. and i love it. its called Fluff Records Australia/Fluff Works Studio.

    anyways, just thought i'd pass that on. if you'd like to have a listen to some of the songs... visit the myspace.