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  1. Alrighty peoples at Writing Forums, prepare to get your socks blown off. I have a blog that I maintain over at http://wondefulbookshelfofjaz.blogspot

    yes, the lack of 'r' was totally planned... okay it wasn't but isn't it cool?!

    anyways my blog sort of details my book but not really so here goes nothing.

    Jules Maris is a regular teen girl with a totally average life and dependable friends. One day a new student named Zack makes his way into her life and shows her Aurelia, a world she's never known of, a world she's an instrumental part of. She's the Valkyrie Princess that was chosen thousands of years ago to save Aurelia. She's Chosen.

    so whaddaya think? shall I put an excerpt up on here? Tell me in the comments or whatever. :)