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  1. Why does war exist? Why do we kill each other over other people’s quarrels ?
    How can someone be capable of murder and rape?
    Why do people wear Che Guevara t-shirts without knowing who he was?
    Why is a man a hero when he leads a promiscuous life, while a woman doing the same is a slut?
    Do the people prefer Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because what he has hanging between his legs?
    Does the universe even have a beginning?
    What about an end?
    Is thinking good for you?
    Does what we see respond to reality?
    What the hell is love?
    Is it just lust combined with a very good friendship?
    Why do human beings enjoy making art and other animals don’t?
    Why is the pope always sooooo ooooold?
    Why do people like Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    Was Jesus a fraud?
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me – when I’m 64?
    Has everything that I’m thinking been thought before?
    Egg? Or Chicken?
    Wouldn’t it have been extremely funny if that shoe HAD hit George W. Bush?
    Was Einstein insane, or everyone else?
    Why do we like what’s bad for us and dislike what’s good for us? Is human nature masochistic?
    What if it’s all a dream?
    Will I be remembered? Will my name ring any bells in 300 years?
    Can we know truth?
    Can someone go crazy by thinking too much?