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  1. I'm in the middle of finals so I haven't been on lately but I sent "Consequences" in as Promised. There will be other submissions to those fine establishments that allow for simultaneous submissions but for now, we'll see how I fare in Gotham.
  2. Okay, it's Saturday and I've not sent the damn thing off yet--but don't judge me! I found some problems and I rewrote, then I changed the climax to make it more realistic, then more rewriting, then I went to the bar and had a pitcher and went to work on it again with a blue pencil. A mess. But now I have it! I will not change another word.

    6,763 words! I have my cover letter, SASE, I am ready! Monday it's off. Not giving myself time to rewrite. This is it...

  3. I've been polishing a finished story now for weeks. I've given myself the titular amount of time, two full days from this very moment, 12:35 PM, EST, to review it a final time (or times) and send it off for consideration.

    I'm starting out at the top. Paris Review. I don't think they'll take it. Still, it will be an honor to have their rejection letter.

    I'll keep you posted.