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  1. I finished writing a book this year. It's called The Flower Garden and it's about a princess who discovers she's half fairy half vampire. She travels to Fairie Mountain, where all the fairies live, passing through different troubles on her way. I started writing it a few years ago, so the begining is very different from the end. I'm fixing it up, but I wonder if it's even worth it. What do you think about the plot? Any comments would be useful.
  2. I thought up this character one day and I thought he was really cool. This is the only part of the story I have yet. Tell me what you think.

    He was a man of shadows. He sat in the dark, smoky corners. Listening, watching. He was not a normal man. He was fleeting. Akin to a whisp of smoke on a crisp, winter morn. He was a shadow of what he had been. The miseries of life had leeched happiness out of him. So now he sat alone. Comfortable in sadness, lonliness; in the dark. He asked only that people leave him alone and, usually, they did. Occasionally, like tonight, a man disguised as a farmer would walk up to him and ask him a favor. A bit of money would be offered, and declined. Then the farmer would walk away and the man in the shadows would sit back again. Listening, watching.
  3. I have a problem with writing. I get this great idea, I get it organized, and then I sit down to write it. I get to through the first few pages and then I get bored. I don't want to wait for the plot to develop, I want the climax to be done with and the perfect ending written. I don't want to write all about the characters before the story actually starts. It's boring for me to put in all that unimportant, but interesting stuff that adds to the story. Anybody have any suggestions?